Sling TV is Now Streaming on Oculus Go VR Headsets

Remember when everyone wanted the biggest TV possible? Just a few short years ago, the only way to really know you were somebody was if your TV was the size of an NBA small forward. Today, things are going in the other direction. The fact that mobile streaming and video viewership is rising means people are watching on smaller and smaller screens, and VR headsets are taking things to the extreme.

These tiny headsets place the screen just a few inches from your face, allowing you to wear your TV wirelessly right in front of your eyes. Now that tiny home doesn’t seem so ridiculous, does it? For news sure to please any Oculus Go VR headset owners, Sling TV just announced it will be the first virtual multichannel video programming distributor (vMVPD) to launch on the headset.

These wireless headsets offer a degree of flexibility and mobility that no other screen offers. “No big screen, no room, no problem. Sling TV on Oculus Go gives customers an incredibly large screen, high-resolution experience anywhere they get a WiFi connection, without the need to connect to a phone or PC,” says Jimshade Chaudhari, vice president, product management, Sling TV. “Oculus Go is a real game-changer in giving people a personal home theater experience wherever they are, with its crystal-clear optics and portable design.”

Sling TV will now appear as an app available for download in the Oculus app store. New owners of the Oculus Go even get an $80 credit to the purchase of a Sling TV membership, which start at $25 per month and offer several dozen top cable channels.

Never again will you have to interact with fellow humans. Once they integrate augmented reality into the experience so you can navigate your surroundings when you need to while still watching TV, the headsets won’t even need to ever come off. Except – or if – you ever shower again.

But seriously, watching TV on a crystal clear 3D screen you wear on your face is objectively awesome. Forget cutting just the cable – cut all the cables tethering your TV to the wall and put that sucker right on your face.

I know what I’m getting for Christmas this year.