Sling TV Launches New Free Experience for Roku Users

Sling TV has become one of the best-selling cable alternatives thanks to its ease-of-use, user-friendly interface, and the incredible value it offers: for just $25 a month, Sling TV offers dozens of the best channels cable has to offer without the price tag and hassle. Sling TV unveiled an all-new Sling experience for Roku users late last year, and now Sling wants to share that experience with new users who are still on the fence about Sling TV. If you use a Roku device to stream and want to see what Sling TV has to offer, now’s your chance.

The new free experience is available to Roku users who are new to Sling TV and includes on-demand TV shows, movies, and even karaoke channels. More content is expected to be added in the future. Roku users interested in Sling TV can access the new content by clicking on the “Browse as Guest” option which appears whenever the Sling TV is launched on a Roku device. From there, Roku users can browse and watch ribbons of content from the “My TV” ribbon.

From there, free Sling TV users will be able to access free episodes of TV shows, purchase pay-per-view movies and events, and subscribe to a la carte channels like NBA League Pass or Showtime. Sling TV is the only over-the-top streaming service to offer these a la carte premium channels without a base subscription package.

In addition to the new free experience, Sling TV has launched an improved search feature which includes “Popular Searches” displaying the most searched-for content for each day. The new search will also organize results into new categories like “Top Results,” “Movies,” “Shows,” and “Channels” to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Lastly, Sling TV has updated their binge-watching features to make it easier to spend a whole day on the couch without even lifting a finger. At the end of each episode of an on-demand or recorded series with more episodes to watch, Sling TV will prompt users to watch the next episode and will play that episode automatically after ten seconds. That feature only works if there are more episodes available.