Catch What’s Hot with Sling TV’s New Trending Live Ribbon

It’s pretty unanimous that we’re living in a new golden age of television. Over the last decade, television has become the new medium for writers and directors to tell their best stories, as the format of a TV series allows for much longer character and plot development. If you want to be a part of the hottest and most talked-about pop culture these days, you have to keep up with the current trending TV series or miss out on all of the best water cooler conversations and social media threads.

Still, it can be difficult to catch all of the hot new trending series and films due to the massive explosion of content we’re currently witnessing. Luckily, Sling TV is here to help. This week, Sling TV launched a new “Trending Live” ribbon which displays and promotes the most highly-viewed and talked about content into one easy-to-find place, making it easier than ever to keep up with what’s trending.

The Trending Live ribbon is only the latest new feature to be added to Sling TV, following closely on the heels of Sling’s revolutionary co-watching VR capability and several personalization features. Sling TV users on Roku devices can access the Trending Live ribbon by accessing the “My TV” tab in the Sling TV app and scrolling past both the “My Channels” and “Recommended For You” ribbons.

There, Sling users will find the Trending Live ribbon where the current most-watched programs and live content will be found. Anything from sports events, season finales, or buzzworthy films will be displayed in the new ribbon. The new Trending Live ribbon is now available for Sling TV users on Roku devices, and customers on other devices will get the feature soon.