Sling TV Launches Personalized Recommendations for Apple TV Users

Sling TV continues to make its interface as convenient and easy-to-use as possible for its growing number of users. Starting today, Sling TV users who watch on Apple TV will be able to access new selections of content personalized just for them. If you’ve ever struggled to find something to stream, you’re in luck.

Sling TV subscribers watching on Apple TV will see a new “Recommended for You” ribbon in the “My TV” menu in sling TV. The new ribbon will display suggestions for live and on-demand television shows and movies based on each user’s individual viewing habits.

Like the other content on the Sling TV menu, the Recommended for You section will employ any of the parental controls set up on that particular Sling account, meaning adult-themed content will never be suggested to a child’s account. Locked content can still be viewed with a correct PIN.

It seems like each week we cover a new Sling TV UI update, which shows just how much care and attention Sling pays to its users’ experience with the streaming service. After listening to customer feedback, Sling TV has started to roll out new personalization updates designed to make the Sling TV experience more interesting and engaging for each user. While Apple TV users are the first Sling TV subscribers to check out the new Recommended for You ribbon, the feature will soon be available on additional Sling TV-supported devices.

As Sling TV and other streaming services continue to grow their on-demand libraries and live TV offerings, it truly can be difficult to find something to watch sometimes. While I tend to shun these types of personalized suggestions in the name of human autonomy, sometimes computer algorithms really do have an advantage thanks to the massive amounts of data they have at their disposal.

So sit back, browse the Recommended for You ribbon, and quit worrying about whether or not an artificial intelligence takeover will happen. It’s already happened.