Sling TV Rolls Out Major Interface Update for Roku

Sling TV just got a major new update for its Roku app that could change the way many users interact with Sling TV content. The update is designed to make it easier and faster for Slingers to access their favorite content and even explore new content and add-ons.

Sling TV customers who watch using Roku devices will now see shows and content from services and Sling Extras to which they’re not currently subscribed. This new content will be identified with an “Add” icon which allows users to upgrade their services and Extras directly from the programs they’d like to add. For example, rather than shopping through the Add-On packages for a new sports package, Sling customers can now click on the “Add” icon right on the ribbon for any upcoming game they’d like to be able to watch.

The update isn’t intended solely for existing Sling TV subscribers, though. Returning or former customers can now access the “Restart” menu directly through ribbons for shows, movies, and other content. Clicking on the the Restart icon will take returning customers immediately to a page where they can re-subscribe for Sling TV.

This update is designed to make the Sling upgrade or restart process much more content-centric as opposed to merely discussing fine-print. In a press release issued this week, Sling TV says the update will allow users to “get to the shows and movies you love more quickly” and make it “easier to see the most popular content Sling TV offers, even if you’re not subscribed to it.”

Of course, the update might make it easier to accidentally or impulsively purchase Extras and Add-Ons, so use with caution. Even so, Sling TV’s low base price of just $25/month for dozens of channels makes it one of the best values in the streaming market, even with a few add-ons or sports packages. Give it a 7-day free trial and see why so many cable cutters are becoming Slingers.