Sling TV Rolls Out New User Interface for Apple TV

As more and more households make the switch to over-the-top streaming video like Apple TV, video providers continue to find ways to make their products as convenient and easy to use as possible. This week, Sling TV rang in the new year by announcing a series of user interface (UI) upgrades for its Apple TV app to make it even more enticing for Apple TV owners to cut the cord.

Sling TV made the changes to its UI based on feedback from subscribers watching on Apple TV. The updated interface is designed to be more “content-centric” and allow users to manage their favorite shows and movies and view more information about content before watching. The Sling TV grid guide has been updated for Apple TV users, and now shows more images and information about each program before users click to watch.

The channel listings have also been updated to be larger and easier to read, allowing users to see five channels at one time with programs listen in 90-minute increments. The new interface also features extended information about programs such as other available seasons or related titles.

Users can also now manage their favorite channels and view and edit recordings directly from the “Continue Watching” ribbon rather than from the manage buttons at the end of content ribbons. In a press release announcing the UI changes, Sling TV says these user interface tweaks will soon be available for subscribers on other devices.

Sling TV has become one of the most popular cable alternatives on the market thanks to the ease-of-use and value it offers. For just $25 a month, subscribers can watch dozens of live streaming channels hand-picked from the best networks on cable – without the lengthy, fee-filled contracts or hassle. Whether or not you have an Apple TV device, you should sign up for a free trial and see what Sling TV has to offer.