Sling TV Takes On PlayStation Vue By Debuting Cloud DVR Service

sling tv

Sling TV has been an impressive option for cord-cutters pretty much since it was introduced, but it’s always lacked one vital feature: cloud DVR service. If there’s one advantage Sling’s biggest competitor in PlayStation Vue had, it was here.

That could be changing soon though, as Sling has announced it’s starting to beta test a DVR service, beginning with selected Roku users (and you can sign up to be an early tester).

Sling TV’s new cloud DVR service is expected to operate like similar services, letting users record shows they select, and then play those shows back from anywhere.

There the small caveat though that not all channels can be recorded. That’s not really a surprise though, as certain channels have opted out of Sling TV features like rewind since the beginning.

Sling users who access the service through Roku can actually sign up to be a part of the beta test with 100 hours of recording space.

No price has been announced for Sling TV’s DVR service yet, but the company has said they’re already looking in to ways for customers to upgrade their storage and protect their recordings.