Sling TV Unveils New Deal: Free AirTV Mini With Two Months Of Service For New and Current Customers

Sling TV released their new AirTV Mini last month, and now they’re giving even more good news to customers – you can get one for free by signing up for two months of service.

For many people who cut cable, the “all in one place” approach is something they miss most. And that’s understandable. If you’re signed up for multiple streaming platforms, it can be a little tedious switching between then and waiting for them to load.

That’s where a device like AirTV Mini comes in. It’s a streaming stick designed specifically to work with Sling TV for people who have cut cable, but still want a cable-like experience. It integrates Netflix and OTA channels into the Sling TV dashboard, ensuring that all your content is accessible from one place. With 4K HDR compatibility and support for Google Assistant, Android TV, and Google Play, it really is a fantastic addition to your television viewing. You will still need an OTA antenna and an AirTV WiFi network tuner for your local viewing if you don’t have those yet.

The AirTV Mini has a MSRP of $79.99, but customers can get one totally free when they prepay for two months of Sling TV service at $25 a month. Even better, the deal is available for both new and current customers.