Sony Adds Apple TV App Support for PlayStation Vue Content

Sony’s PlayStation Vue streaming service has stepped up as a full-on cable killer. Starting at just $40 a month, PlayStation Vue offers over 50 live streaming channels with the option to add more through loads of add-on packages. Best of all, Vue offers the ability to watch up to 5 simultaneous streams, making it perfect for large households with multiple viewers. To continue making Vue more attractive, Sony has now upgraded Vue with the ability to stream its on-demand and live content directly through the Apple TV app.

The latest Vue update adds Vue content directly to the “Up Next” section of Apple TV alongside content from other streaming services and content libraries. Opening any Vue content in the Apple TV app will bring up the PlayStation Vue client, so it’s possible to even watch live sports directly through Apple TV with Vue now.

This new feature means Vue has become one of the only big-name streaming services to add live TV support directly to Apple TV, making Vue and Apple TV a formidable combination. Most of Vue’s main competitors like DIRECTV NOW and YouTube TV lack this feature, even though Apple has promotional deals with several other over-the-top streaming services.

With Vue and Apple TV, it’s now possible for cable cutters to keep all of their live TV and on-demand content together in convenient interface. Content watched in either the Vue app or in the Apple TV app will sync, making it possible to switch between devices much more easily without losing your place. Could this new Apple TV feature be a big draw for PlayStation Vue?