South Park, Survivor, Star Trek and more coming to Pluto TV

The most popular free streaming service is adding a little more content to its library over the next few weeks. Starting July 14, more than 40 shows from CBS and Comedy Central are headed to Pluto TV. The content choices make sense as Pluto was purchased by ViacomCBS in January of 2019.

The selected episodes come from some of the network’s biggest shows:

CSI: New York
Melrose Place
South Park (from the first 10 seasons)
Star Trek: The Next Generation.

With the additional shows, Pluto TV now has library that’s over 100,000 hours strong. The service streamed CBS content last month as well, including episodes from The Twilight Zone and a Star Trek marathon.

If you’re not familiar with Pluto TV, it’s one of the most well known free streaming services, with an active user base that’s 24 million people strong (projected to be 30 million soon). It’s available in 22 countries across North America, Europe and Latin America. It carries several sports channels plus channels for content from AMC, VH1, CBSN, NBC News and more. Only a few months ago, Pluto added BlazeTV (a conservative media outlet, a Japanese monster movie channel, and a channel devoted to streaming the show Cops 24 hours a day.

Artie Beaty