SportsTribal TV sports steaming service set to launch later in 2020

It seems like the streaming market gets more and more crowded every month, but that doesn’t stop new services from hitting the scene. And there’s at least one more coming later this year, one that’s specifically tailored to sports fans.

SportsTribal TV is slated to launch in the latter part of 2020, first on mobile and web devices with smart TV streaming coming in 2021. The service will be free, which means it will be ad-supported.

The big question of course, is what kind of sports will the service be showing? The answer isn’t clear yet. SportsTribal TV promises “a wide range of new and exciting 24/7 sport-based entertainment channels from around the world.” Both traditional and non-traditional sports will be shown, plus social sports content, sports storytelling content, and not just niche sports, but “micro-niche” sports.

Both live and on-demand content are expected.

The purpose of SportsTribal TV is to help sports organizations who are having a hard time reaching fans, so it’s not likely you’ll see big-time sports here. But for free, this is definitely worth keeping an eye on. The business model, the service says, it revenue-sharing. In short, smaller leagues offer up streaming rights they maybe couldn’t get otherwise in return for a share of ad revenue.

Artie Beaty