Spotify to stream original programming


In an attempt to compete against YouTube and Apple Music, Spotify is going to produce and stream a wide range of original programming.

The news, originally reported by Bloomberg, comes a year after the streamer started offering clips from the BBC and Comedy Central. The new programming is going to range from a few minutes to 15 minutes and is going to be available to both free and paid Spotify users.

“Music will always be most important, but our audience likes us and wants more from us,” Tom Calderone, the company’s content partnerships chief, told Bloomberg. “We have to figure out a second act, and I think it will come out of video. The idea is to make sure users know they can come here for something other than playlists.”

Spotify has apparently been growing at a faster pace since Apple launched Apple Music last June, according to Reuters. The company, which was created in Stockholm a decade ago, now has close to 100 million users across 59 markets, 30 million of which are paying customers.