Epic Stranger Things Superbowl Spot Reveals Season 2 Premiere Date

Netflix’s Stranger Things was one of the biggest pop culture events of 2016, so it’s only appropriate that the show teased its second season in one of the biggest pop culture events of 2017. Last night, fans tuned in for the big game also got their first look at what’s to come in Stranger Things‘ much-anticipated second season.

The epic Super Bowl teaser promises more secrets, bigger monsters, and even more of the show’s pitch-perfect homages to the classic ’80s flicks so many of us grew up on. They even work in a Ghostbusters nod — which is pretty much mandatory since season 2 is set in 1984, the year that beloved paranormal comedy opened in theaters and took pop culture by storm. Check out the teaser for Stranger Things season 2.

The visuals, the music, that big-ass monster…at only 30 seconds long, the teaser is perfectly primed to leave fans salivating for more. And you can’t beat opening things up with a vintage ’80s commercial for Eggo Waffles. If anything will bring Eleven out of hiding, that should do the trick. And while the extra wait will be painful, debuting season two on Halloween is a brilliant, tonally perfect move…especially if, as it appears, the storyline of the second season unfolds around then.

Netflix is understandably keeping the show’s secrets under wraps, but here’s the official blurb that accompanies the teaser:

A year after Will’s return, everything seems back to normal… but a darkness lurks just beneath the surface, threatening all of Hawkins.

It’s clear from the footage that the government is still poking around Hawkins, no doubt trying to contain their mess and figure out new ways to exploit the dark alternate reality known as the “Upside Down.” We also know that season 2 will see several noteworthy cast additions. In fact, the show is sticking to its roots and adding two more ’80s icons to the cast.

Former Goonie Sean Astin will be playing Bob Newby, “a kindhearted former nerd who went to high school with Joyce (Winona Ryder) and Hopper (David Harbour) and now manages the local Hawkins RadioShack.” And Paul Reiser, who took corporate sleaze to new heights as Burke in Aliens, will be handling the role of Dr. Owens, “a high-ranking member within the Department of Energy on a ‘clean-up’ assignment, tasked with containing the events of last year.”

I’m gonna go out on a limb and recommend the kids don’t trust Dr. Owens any further than Eleven can throw him (with her mind).

Either way, it’s gonna be a long wait until Halloween 2017. Now where did we leave that time-traveling DeLorean…?