Launches Streaming Service Comparison Site

With so many different streaming services on the market today, it can be difficult to compare them all when trying to choose the right streaming service for your household. Now that streaming services are offering some of the best in television series and films, many cable cutters find themselves subscribing to multiple streaming sites in order to catch all of their favorite programming. However, there can be a lot of overlap among services, and it’s easy to waste money on redundant or unnecessary content. Picking and choosing among the many streaming services on the market is often confusing and daunting. Luckily, that’s where comes in. is a new service which was stepped up to help consumers compare streaming services and choose the one that’s best for their needs. states that their site “compares millions of combinations of TV services and finds the best for you.” does this by scanning the streaming services available in the 50 largest US streaming markets, which equates to roughly 70% of the US. Suppose lets users compare various live television streaming services according to variables such as price, premium network availability, networks offered, languages supported, and more. Suppose can even scan for availability of local content in many markets.

John Tantum, one of the founders of, told TechCrunch that the idea for the service came to him as he watched the explosive growth of streaming services over the past few years:

We had been following the space closely and it became apparent that there was a new entry every month or two. But their services are very complicated – Sling TV, especially, with their number of add-ons and their two base packages. It’s an incredibly complicated choice for a customer to make between the different services, and even within a single service. And not to mention trying to compare that to your satellite and cable provider and the options there. currently only compares streaming services which are meant to be cable replacements, such as Hulu’s live TV service or DIRECTV NOW; however, the site is planning to add the capability to compare video-on-demand sites like Netflix and Amazon Video. If you’ve been looking to cut the cable but don’t know where to begin, give a shot.