SurvivorNet TV, a free streaming channel for cancer survivors, makes early debut

As a way to support communities during the current COVID-19 outbreak, a new streaming channel has made its debut early.

The free channel, called SurvivorNet TV, is geared towards cancer survivors and features cancer-related news, inspiring survivor stories, documentaries, information about living with cancer, films focused on cancer survivors, expert opinion and insight, and more. Programming will continue to grow, said co-founder Steve Alperin.

News figures like Tom Brokaw, Joan Lunden, and Amy Robach will make frequent appearances, as will prominent doctors like Nobel Prize winning immunologist Dr. Jim Allison.

The channel was set to debut later this year, but that timeline was pushed forward because of current circumstances around the world.

“Our community really needs support and comfort right now and SNTV is a natural step as we continue to expand on our mission to help democratize access to the world’s leading cancer doctors and to provide comprehensive, reliable information to patients, survivors and families,” Alperin said. “The stakes could not be higher for the characters in our programming. The human drama and emotions are as compelling as any I’ve ever witnessed.”

SurvivorNet TV is available on Roku, Amazon, and Apple TV devices, as well as YouTube TV or through

Artie Beaty