Tablo Brings DVR-like Live Pause, Rewind, and Record To Xbox One TV

The DVR functions of pausing, rewinding, and recording live TV are some of thing cord-cutters miss most, and some of the hardest to replicate for people without cable. But cord cutters who have an Xbox one just got a little good news when it comes to watching TV without cable.

Tablo is targeting these cord cutters with a new app for the Xbox One that hooks up with Tablo’s over the air HD DVR.

This app means that people with an Xbox one can watch over the air TV live, and have the same pause, rewind, and record functions common on cable boxes today. Content recorded through the Tablo app will be downloaded straight to the Xbox one console.

When the app is opened, customers will be greeted with a Netflix-like guide, showing both currently available live TV and shows that were previously recorded.

The Tablo OTA DVR attaches to a home’s WiFi router instead of the television, which means that viewers can enjoy live news, sports and network broadcast programs in HD any time without having to ditch the controller for a remote or change inputs on the TV.