Hulu Ranks Top Six Seinfeld Episodes (Backed Up By Data)

Whether you love it or hate it, you have to admit that Seinfeld was one of the most popular and most influential TV shows in a long time. There are plenty of “best” lists that rank the show’s best episodes, and now Hulu is ranking the top 6 Seinfeld episodes, but they’re backing it up with data.

The streaming service is the exclusive home of the show’s catalog now, and they combed through the past two years of numbers to see which episodes were the most watched. The ranking? Well, there aren’t any surprises really. Any one of these episodes could easily be considered a “classic.”

But if you want the “official” rank of Seinfeld’s best episodes, here you go:

#6 The Yada Yada
George begins to wonder what his new girlfriend (Suzanne Cryer) isn’t telling him when she says, “Yada, yada, yada.”.

#5 The Contest
Jerry challenges George, Kramer and Elaine to a contest of self-denial; Elaine looks forward to a special date.

#4 The Marine Biologist
George poses as a marine biologist while on a date with a former college classmate (Rosalind Allen); Elaine loses her electronic organizer.

#3 The Boyfriend
Jerry’s baseball hero, Keith Hernandez, falls for Elaine; George schemes to extend his unemployment benefits.

#2 The Soup Nazi
Jerry must choose between his girlfriend (Alexandra Wentworth) and a bowl of soup when a vendor (Larry Thomas) refuses to serve her.

#1 The Pitch
Jerry is approached by network executives and asked to to create a new television show.