Tubi Passes 25 Million Users, Streams Over 160 Million Hours of Content in December

If there’s one thing that’s proven true about today’s streaming landscape, it’s that people are certainly willing to give upstart services a chance if there’s free content. Tubi, the free, ad-driven streaming service, announced today on Twitter that they now have 25 million active users, and those users streamed 163 million hours of content in December of 2019 (160% growth from last year).

Breaking it down, that’s 6.5 hours of content per month, or about 90 minutes a week. Sure, it’s nowhere near the Netflix average of 140 million hours of content every single day, but it’s still promising growth for the company, which just announced expansion to Mexico.

The new numbers come after the service announced an 18 million strong user base last August, and 12 million member active user base in early 2019.

And they’re far from done. Tubi also announced plans to “exceed nine figures in 2020,” for their content spending – more than $100 million. Tubi CEO Farhad Massoudi said his company’s growth “is a clear testament to the success of our focused strategy in a now-cluttered marketplace We’re excited people globally have embraced Tubi as a complement to subscription video and aim to deliver an even larger library of premium content in 2020.”

Tubi is available on Amazon Fire, Android, Apple TV, Chromecast, PS4, and Roku devices.