Two Marlon Wayans specials coming to HBO Max

If you’re a fan of Marlon Wayans, keep an eye on HBO Max, because two exclusive shows from the comedian are headed to the streaming service – both scripted and unscripted projects

The first, titled Book of Marlon, is a 30-minute comedy based on a fictionalized version of his life. The second is an hour long standup special filmed specially for HBO Max. The latter isn’t titled yet, but it promises to “dig deeper” than his previous standup special.

The standup special is territory HBO Max has already charted, previously negotiating deals for stand up shows from Chelsea Handler, Tracy Morgan, Conan O’Brien and more.

For the scripted work, Wayans will be working with longtime partner partner Rick Alvarez. Speaking on that partnership, Wayans said that, “Rick and I have had a lot of success in the streaming space and are excited to work with a company that is equally excited to work with us. We look forward to helping both brands grow rapidly and internationally. HBO Max is a great place to continue our mission of putting smiles on people’s faces.”

If you’re not familiar with HBO Max, it’s a fairly new streaming service that does carry a bit of a higher price tag at $14.99 a month, but it carries a hefty library of content

Artie Beaty