Two Original VR Shows Coming to Hulu

HuluVirtual reality technology is still fairly new to the world of entertainment, and while most major streaming services are compatible with these devices, there hasn’t been much content created specifically for VR – until now. Hulu has announced that they’re creating two new television shows designed for VR headsets.

The two new VR programs that Hulu will be showcasing are a news show: The Big Picture: News in Virtual Reality and a comedy show: Virtually Mike and Nora starring Nora Kirkpatrick and Mike O’Brien. Mike and Nora already has a five episode commitment while The Big Picture is slated for 10 episodes out of the gate.

With The Big Picture, a team of journalists will take viewers exploring issues around the globe and present a point of view that couldn’t be given with any other type of media. Virtually Mike and Nora not only gives viewers a comedy view that’s never been seen before, but the show will actually presented as if the viewer is a character in the series.

These shows are designed to be watched with a VR headset and will be presented in a 360 degree format. Hulu has said they’ll only be available from the Hulu app, with no plans to have them on the Hulu web site.

The studio behind the shows, RYOT Studios, has already been creating VR content for news outlets like the New York Times, Huffington Post, and the Associated Press.

New episodes of The Big Picture will be published exclusively on Hulu’s VR app every other week, with each episode including three different news segments. Of course, stories that lend themselves to a 360 degree experience will be the focus (an example was given of the Dadaab refugee camp in Northern Kenya).

The Hulu VR app was first introduced for the Samsung Gear back in March,and is now also available on the Oculus Rift VR headset with compatibility for additional devices coming soon.