Tyler Perry and BET Are Launching a New Streaming Service

Seriously: how many streaming services is too many? How many cable cutters are actually willing to juggle more than one or two streaming subscriptions each month? Many observers have noted that with the way the streaming market is now fracturing into many different smaller streaming services, we may soon hit peak streaming subscriptions as consumers look for more convenient options and fewer monthly payments.

Nevertheless, a new week is upon us and thus, yet another announcement of a new streaming service in the works. This week, that announcement was made by media giant Viacom, who have released the first scant details of a new streaming service being launched by BET and Tyler Perry. Similar to many other new streaming services, this one will simply take the name of an existing property and simply add a “+” to it: in this case the result is BET+.

Like the Viacom cable network from which BET+ draws its name, the service is aimed primarily at African-American cable cutters and will likely stream content from both Tyler Perry’s and BET’s massive catalog in addition to other Viacom properties like MTV, VH1, and Comedy Central. Details like price and a release date have not yet been made public, but Perry is expected to promote the new service at this month’s upcoming BET Awards.

The announcement of BET+ is only the latest in a long line of streaming roll-outs from Viacom. The media conglomerate recently purchased Pluto TV and brought many of its most popular channels to the free TV site, while also making deals with other services like fuboTV to finally bring Viacom networks into the 21st century.

BET+ will no doubt have plenty of competitive content, but will that be enough to draw in enough subscriptions given how many other streaming services are either already on the market or in the works?