Verizon Launching Streaming TV Service This Summer

Move over Sling TV, PlayStation Vue and DIRECTV Now… an already crowded streaming TV market is getting another player this summer. It appears that Verizon now wants in on the action, as insiders say the communication company has quietly been securing network rights in anticipation of a streaming TV service launch this summer.

There aren’t many details available about Verizon’s streaming TV service yet. All we know is that the company plans on rolling it out nationwide, not just to their current cable and internet subscriber base, and that this is not related to their YouTube-like service called go90. There will also likely be bundle deals available for people who have Verizon wireless service or internet service.

It’s not clear how much Verizon will charge for their service, but you can bet it won’t be too far away from their competition’s price. Sling TV currently comes in at $20 a month for the base package, and ATT’s DIRECTV NOW at $35 a month.

Like other streaming TV companies, Verizon’s content will likely be available anywhere: smart phone, smart TV, tablet, and more. The ability to take content on the go has been a huge selling point in getting customers to cut cable, so it would be a surprise if Verizon didn’t include this feature.

While Verizon stands well behind their current competition in cable customers (they have about 5 million compared to Comcast’s 22.5 million), those numbers could change drastically when this service finally becomes available. The largest player in the market, Comcast, doesn’t currently have plans for a live streaming TV service, but as evidenced by Verizon’s deal here, a service can go from “details leaking out” to launch in just a few months.

A lack of competition is one of the primary factors cable continues to raise prices, so competition in the streaming TV space can only make things better.