ViacomCBS Set To Launch New Mega-streaming Service With Content From Paramount, Nick, BET, MTV and More

Viacom and CBS are using their newly merged muscled to stake a claim in an already crowded streaming space. ViacomCBS is reportedly set to launch a new streaming service with a massive library of content – MTV, BET, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, CBS News, Paramount Pictures, and more, with the possibility to upgrade to premium content like Showtime.

In addition to being a fairly robust lineup, that’s a pretty diverse range of content as well.

Of course, CBS already has their own streaming service in All-Access and Viacom their own in PlutoTV, but this is something even bigger. Studio execs say any existing streaming services aren’t going anywhere, but the potential new platform would just be in addition to those.

There’s not a lot of room for newcomers in the streaming market, so if this new service wants to carve out some room, they’d better come out punching. Fortunately for viewers, it appears that’s exactly the plan.

It’s worth noting though, that nothing official has been announced yet, and all reports to this point are just speculation. Very well founded speculation perhaps, but there’s been nothing confirmed for sure.

Like many streaming services, there’s expected to be an ad-driven version and a slightly more expensive ad-free version. Expect more details on February 20 when the company makes its fourth-quarter earnings call.