Walmart Launches Free Streaming Service “Vudu: Movies On Us”

Walmart has taken a page or two from Amazon’s playbook before by offering free 2 day shipping to certain subscribers, and it looks like they’re at is again with the launch of a streaming video service.

The retail giant just announced the launch of its own video streaming service, called Vudu. What separates Vudu from other streaming services is that it’s completely free (but ad supported) and available to anyone.

Vudu will have a few thousand titles available at launch, but won’t have any new releases. Instead, the service will feature free mainstream releases and other classics. A quick glance at Vudu’s initial catalog shows titles like School of Rock, True Grit, Carrie, Max Max, Wayne’s World and Phantom of the Opera, plus plenty of kid’s shows.

Vudu itself has been around with an online movie marketplace for more than 10 years, but wasn’t free, and didn’t have streaming content available. Current Vudu movies will not be available for download.

This is Walmart’s first foray into on demand streaming, and it comes without them having to build their own exclusive content library.