Walmart and Vudu are Launching New Shop-While-You-Watch Content

Do you know that feeling when you’re streaming a television show or movie and you see a character using a product in it that you just absolutely have to own yourself? If you’ve ever felt yourself wishing you could shop directly from within a streaming service, Walmart has the service for you. According to reports published this week, Walmart is considering bringing new types of “shoppable” video content to its Vudu streaming service.

According to Bloomberg, Walmart and Vudu will soon unveil shoppable streaming video which allows audiences the ability to shop for the products seen in programs directly from the streaming service itself without interrupting video playback. Is this the future of streaming?

Let’s hope hot. We’re already advertised to nearly ubiquitously these days, on TV and radio, in magazines and movies and at ball games, on buses and milk cartons and T-shirts and bananas and written on the sky. But not in streaming video. No, sir-ee!

It turns out, though, that there is plenty of product placement in nearly all streaming video. Just because there aren’t explicit advertisements doesn’t mean you’re not being sold to. Walmart and Vudu will simply streamline the process, allowing streaming video audiences to buy anything they see on screen while streaming. The move makes perfect sense for Walmart, who already sells nearly half of all TVs sold in America. Why not turn those TV sales into more sales online or in stores?

Walmart and Vudu have already collaborated on new original series and films which will launch in the next few months and feature the new “shoppable” content Vudu hopes will resonate with viewers. One of the first planned titles is a new “Mr. Mom” series based on the 1983 Michael Keaton film of the same name. Do streaming viewers want “shoppable” content?