Is Warner Bros. Launching A DC Entertainment Streaming Service?

A DC Entertainment themed streaming service could be on the way if you believe comments made by Warner Bros. CEO and chairman Kevin Tsujihara.

Speaking at a recent investors conference, Tsujihara noted that the company was looking at ways to distribute content straight to consumers, and said that since DC has a “rabid” fan base, it could be one of their first targets for streaming.

Speaking about streaming Warner Bros. content in general, Tsujihara said, “We’ve been working on that quite feverishly over the last 12 months.”

Direct to subscriber content is growing in popularity among major networks, mostly because it gives people exactly the shows they want, and doesn’t come with the large overhead of traditional distribution methods.

Many fans speculated that DC could partner with Hulu or even HBO now to compete with the Netflix/Marvel collaboration, but it appears that DC may feel confident enough to venture out on their own.

A DC streaming service wouldn’t be entirely new territory, as Marvel has a special section of their own on Netflix. But still, no superhero studio has their own entire streaming service, and it raises the question of whether there’s enough content to warrant a stand alone subscription from both hardcore and casual fans.

But if anyone could pull that off, it would be DC.