World’s most dangerous water park documentary coming to HBO Max

There’s a reason that Action Park water park in Vernon, New Jersey is now known as “Class Action Park.”

Thanks to a combination of rides that seemed to defy both physics and common sense (including the notorious water slide with a loop), undertrained and underage staff, intoxicated guests, and a general disregard for following laws, the park had a stunningly bad safety record and a history of at least six guests deaths and hundreds of more injuries.

And now you can see the whole story from those who survived in a new documentary headed to HBO Max.

Titled Class Action Park, the film features never before seen footage, investigative journalism, and interviews with people who were there (including some celebrities like Jimmy Kimmel). The streaming service summed up the film in a press release saying, “The insane stories of lawlessness and injury are an unbelievably wild ride.” The park’s original will also be explored, as well as how it stayed open for almost 20 years despite the absolute chaos that seemed to follow every step.

Unlike many documentaries that premier at a film festival or other outlet and then come to a streaming service, this documentary will be making its debut on HBO Max. It’s expected to begin streaming in August.

Artie Beaty