WWE and Crunchyroll Offer Three Month Subscription for Under $20


Thanks to a partnership between WWE Network and Cruncyhroll, customers can get a three month subscription to two of the most popular genre-specific streaming services for just $19.98 total.

The WWE Network includes all 16 live pay-per-view events (including Wrestlemania, Royal Rumble, and Survivor Series) plus 6,000 hours of other content like Monday Night Raw, WCW events, and even EWC.

Cruncyhroll is the number one source for legal streams of anime, with Naturo, Case Closed, Food Ward, Sailor Moon and more all in ad-free HD, plus Asian dramas and some manga that’s being simultaneously published like Attack on Titan.

A price of under $20 for three months of just one of these services is a good price, so combining both in one package makes for a deal that’s going to be hard to pass up.

This might seem like a strange pairing, but there’s more crossover appeal between these two entities than ever before, so the deal makes sense on both ends. Several popular anime shows right now are either based on, or heavily parody American wrestling, and several of today’s biggest WWE stars reference anime shows often both on the screen and on their social media profiles.

This offer is only available for new subscribers. Customers can sign up by visiting WWENetwork.com/Crunchyroll