WWE Network To Offer Offline Viewing, Downloadable Content in 2017

Hot on the heels of Netflix’s big announcement of downloadable content, another streaming network has announced plans to do the same.

Speaking at the Variety Entertainment Summit at CES in an interview with Todd Spangler, WWE Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer Michelle Wilson said offline viewing and downloadable content are “definitely on the roadmap” for WWE Network. With people being on the go more than ever, having access to content when there’s not a Wi-Fi connection is huge.

A specific time frame wasn’t announced, just that it should be sometime this year. It also wasn’t made clear if all content would be available for offline viewing or just a specific portion.

WWE Network is now the fifth largest streaming service in the world, reaching 1.5 million subscribers in July of last year. The company has plans to expand its service into more new countries in the coming year.

When Netflix debuted offline viewing, it was one of the biggest streaming stories of the year, and only solidified their place at the top of the streaming hear. To be a fairly niche service, WWE Network is already doing very well to be in the top 5, and this addition should only bring more fans into the fold.