Xumo Brings “Channel Surfing” Back With 60 Free Streaming Channels on Sharp and Hisense TVs

One of the biggest downfalls of cutting cable is that is essentially eliminated “channel surfing.” When you want to watch something, you have to know specifically what you want instead of just relaxing while you flip through channels. But a new agreement between a streaming video platform and two major TV makers could soon change that.

Xumo is a video app that’s available for most any device – smart TV, smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It essentially serves as a “hub” for smaller streaming services that don’t have their own dedicated channel (like Fox Sports, Funny or Die, GQ, and CBSN). Thanks to a new deal, Xumo will be bringing more than 60 free streaming channel to new Hisense and Sharp TVs.

What does this mean exactly?

Traditionally, watching streaming content meant turning on the TV, scrolling to a menu, selecting a certain app, then choosing a specific show. With Xumo functionality on new TVs, users can “surf” channels past their over-the-air or cable channels just by clicking the remote. Over-the-air channels and Xumo’s curated internet TV channels are integrated together, so there’s no need to switch inputs or flip between different apps. All the additional channels are just Xumo offerings. It’s a truly integrated, seamless TV watching experience.

The additional channels from Xump are all free, and don’t require a subscription. Like a regular TV, if the set is turned off and then back on, it stays on the same channel. Users can input a certain channel number (they stay the same) or use the up and down buttons as they always have to browse streaming options.

Xumo explained they’re not out to compete with Netflix, and they realize that’s the number one option for TV entertainment in many cases. But if you just want some background noise – news, sports, or something to laugh at, that’s where they shine.

So if you miss the days of just turning on a show while you’re cooking dinner or as you’re getting ready in the morning, it looks like Xumo could soon be there for you.