You Can Preorder Disney’s Streaming Service For Under $4 A Month – But There’s A Catch

Disney’s new streaming service is set to launch in US in November, but for the next week, there’s a way you can lock in a pretty steep discount. The service will have a price tag of $7 per month, but it’s possible to shave over $20 off the annual price – and sign up for $3.92 a month – with a catch of course.

Through September 2nd, members of Disney’s official D23 fan club (which anyone can join for free) are eligible for the discounted price. The catch? You have to commit to three years, which works out to just over $140. It’s certainly a long time to commit, but if you anticipate you’ll want this service at all, there’s never going to be a better price.

This deal was initially only available to people who attended the D23 fan conference in Anaheim, but it’s now available for everyone for the next several days. To get the offer, just sign up for the fan club and wait for the “Founder’s Circle” deal to appear in your account. Disney says this may take up to a day to appear, so you’ll need to sign up quickly. You’ll received an e-mail reminder with a link when the offer is available.

If you’re trying to sign up, you’re not alone. Many people have reported that the site is pretty bogged down and running slowly.