YouTube Adds More Free Movies, Brings Total To Over 350

About a year and a half ago, YouTube quietly added a collection of several dozen movies to its catalog – all free and totally legal for anyone as long as you were willing to sit through some ads. Sure, there were a lot of little known documentaries, independent, and kids films, but there were some well-known names in the bunch like WarGames, Child’s Play, and The Graduate.

In a market where several free streaming services were on the rise (Tubi, Pluto, Plex, and even Walmart all have free movie streaming channels), the move made sense. As the market is even more packed now, YouTube is going deeper and has added several hundred more movies to their free collection.

A glance through additions now finds titles like Rocky, Teen Wolf, All Dogs Go To Heaven, Ernest Goes to School, Leaving Las Vegas, Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella and plenty more.

The benefit for YouTube here is that this potentially cuts back on piracy, bringing in a little ad revenue to both YouTube and the movie studio. Speaking on the free movie program, Rohit Dhawan, director of product management at YouTube, said “We saw this opportunity based on user demand, beyond just offering paid movies. Can we do ad-supported movies, free to the user? It also presents a nice opportunity for advertisers.”

You can find the full list of free movies from YouTube here.