YouTube kids app added to Apple TV

Parents who want to let their kids browse content without worrying gained another option today as the YouTube Kids app was added to Apple TV.

YouTube Kids carries content that’s available on the main YouTube site, but it’s all curated and deemed appropriate for viewers under the age of 12.

Content geared for children is wildly popular on YouTube, but many parents worry about their kids clicking through recommended videos and coming across inappropriate content. Violent or otherwise “mature” content is banned from the platform and there are no targeted ads.
Parental controls are an option for parents who want to go a step further, even allowing for only individually approved videos.

There’s no account or login necessary, but logging in gives you the extended parental controls as well as keeps track of your history. And if you log in, any parental controls you had set previously will carry over.

Content is compatible with both HD and 4K models.

Artie Beaty