YouTube TV to begin canceling subscriptions of Apple users who pay through the App Store

If you’re an Apple user who pays for a YouTube TV subscription through the App Store, pay attention because you could have your subscription canceled soon.

The streaming service already stopped accepting new in-app signups from Apple devices several months ago, and now the remaining customers who were paying that way are about to be cut off unless they sign in to pay through a web browser. Users who pay that way received an e-mail this week alerting them to the change.

“You’re currently subscribed to YouTube TV through Apple in-app purchases,” the e-mail reads, “so we’re writing to let you know that, starting March 13, 2020, YouTube TV will no longer accept payment through Apple in-app purchases. YouTube TV members will still be able to watch YouTube TV content on Apple devices. You’ll be billed for one final month of service and then your in-app purchase subscription will be canceled automatically on your billing date after March 13, 2020.”

YouTube hasn’t made an announcement as to why they’re no longer accepting this style of payment, but it’s almost certainly because Apple takes a slice of all payments made that way, reported to be 30% in the first year and 15% beyond. While SlingTV, Spotify, and Hulu also don’t accept in-app payments, it’s telling that YouTube is apparently fine with losing these customers entirely rather than split their subscription revenue.

Customers who were paying through Apple actually paid about $5 more to offset Apple’s take, but it seems YouTube is done with that workaround. So if you were paying that way, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news? You can’t do that anymore. The good news? You’ll be paying less.