YouTube TV usage is on the rise, so survey ads are coming sooner than expected

If you’ve ever browsed YouTube, you’re probably aware of the survey ads that pop up from time to time. In the middle of a video, you might have a popup that asks how aware you are of certain brands or how likely you are to try a certain product.

Those ads may be a little annoying to consumers, but they’re incredibly valuable to companies. And soon they’ll be headed to your television.
Starting in the fall of this year, Google says, the “Brand Lift” program will be coming to YouTube TV. Ads will be specially configured for televisions with navigation re-designed for remotes. The launch was slated for later, but the acceleration in streaming over recent months pushed up the timeline.

According to YouTube TV execs, stay at home orders across the nation have caused immense gains in content consumption. Compared to this same time last year, movie watch time is up 250%, TV show watch time is up 300%, and news viewing is up 450%. A lot of that does have to do with simply having more subscribers, but numbers are up for the basic YouTube platform too.

And of course, if viewers are there, advertisers want to be there. It’s not clear exactly how this will play out with live TV viewing (like what happens if you don’t answer the ad), but it appears we’ll have answers later this year.

Artie Beaty