AFC Wild Card Live Stream: Watch Online without Cable

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Hulu Live offers both ESPN and CBS in their main package. Pay $55 per month, but not before you get your first week absolutely free!

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AT&T TV NOW channels list
Stream both AFC Wild Card games using AT&T TV NOW. Plans start at $65 per month, but a free 7-day trial is available at signup!

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One of the best parts of football season is the NFL Playoffs. Of course, before you get to the playoffs, you need to make it through the wildcard games. On Saturday you’ll have the chance to watch the Bills vs Texans and the Titans vs Patriots to see who will progress into the playoffs. If you want to watch either game and you don’t have cable, you can watch the AFC Wild Card live stream online without cable using any of the services listed below.

Both of the AFC Wild Card games will air on Saturday. The schedule for both games is included below. You’ll also get a chance to find out how to watch both games for free! Keep reading to learn how to watch the AFC Wild Card online without cable.


AFC Wild Card Live Stream Schedule

The Buffalo Bills vs Houston Texans will air at 4:35 p.m. ET on Saturday. You can watch this game on ESPN, ABC, or through the WatchESPN app.

The Tennessee Titans vs New England Patriots will air at 8:15 p.m. ET on CBS. You can watch this game through a digital antenna or through any streaming service offering CBS without cable.


Hulu Live is a Great Choice for AFC Wild Card Streaming

Pay $55 per month for over 60 channels and Hulu on-demand


Hulu Live is one of three packages that offers access to both ESPN and CBS. This makes it easy to watch the AFC Wild Card games online. This package includes more than 60 channels. You’ll pay $55 per month, but with no contracts, you can cancel on your terms. You can add some movie channels if you want more in your lineup.

Stream on All Your Favorite Devices

Hulu Live allows you to create user profiles. You can watch anything in the main Hulu library including Hulu Originals. Some TV Everywhere apps, like WatchESPN, can also be used. A cloud-DVR is included with 50-hours of space. More space is available as an upgrade. You can watch the AFC Wild Card live stream on gaming consoles, Roku, mobile devices, Apple TV, computers, Amazon Fire TV, and other devices.

Hulu with Live TV highlights:

  • More than 60 channels for $55 a month
  • Stream on mobile devices, Roku, Apple TV, computers, and more
  • Local channels can be found in most areas
  • A 50-hour cloud-based DVR is included
  • Most TV Everywhere apps are compatible
  • A 7-day Hulu Live trial is available
  • Hulu’s on-demand service is included
  • Our Hulu Live review has additional details


AT&T TV NOW Offers Another Way to Watch the AFC Wild Card Live Stream

Multiple package options are included with 40+ channels

AT&T TV NOW channels list

AT&T TV NOW is another service providing access to both ESPN and CBS. In the main package, you’ll get 40 other channels including FOX, NBC, TNT, HBO, FS1, and other channels. This is available for $65 per month, making it the priciest service in the streaming market. You can add other channels or choose a larger package if you want more channels. There’s never a contract involved, so you can change or cancel your subscription when you want.

Watch Content Live, On-Demand, or with TV Everywhere Apps

directv now

AT&T TV NOW allows you to watch most content in the on-demand library. TV Everywhere apps are available for many of the networks in your package. A cloud-based DVR is also included, though space is limited. You can watch AT&T TV NOW on most devices. You can stream on Roku, mobile devices, Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, computers, and more.

AT&T TV NOW details:

  • Packages start at $65 a month
  • Cancel whenever you want
  • Stream on most devices – mobile phones, Roku, Apple TV, etc.
  • Watch ESPN and local channels (in most areas) in each package
  • Get the AT&T TV NOW one-week free trial
  • More content is available in the on-demand library

Our AT&T TV NOW review can tell you everything you need to know.


Watch the AFC Wild Card Streaming on YouTube TV

Stream many of your favorite channels from $50 per month

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is the final way to get both AFC Wild Card games streaming without cable in one service. This package includes over 70 channels for $50 per month. AMC, ESPN, TNT, FS1, HGTV, USA, Syfy, NBCSN, local channels, Food Network, and more are included. If you want extra channels you can add movie channels to your package for a fee. YouTube TV is a contract-free service, so if you want to cancel, you can.

Local Channels are Included in Most Areas

youtube tv menu

YouTube TV includes an on-demand library. Some TV Everywhere apps are also compatible with this package. You’ll have an unlimited amount of space with the cloud-DVR. Each recording can be saved for up to nine months. You can watch the AFC Wild Card live stream on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, mobile devices, computers, Apple TV, and more.

YouTube TV details:

  • Pay $50 per month and get 70+ channels
  • ESPN is included nationwide, and locals are available in most areas
  • Some channel upgrades are available
  • Works with most devices from Amazon Fire TV to mobile devices
  • Get your YouTube TV free 7-day trial

Check out our YouTube TV review, here.


Sling Orange Offers Part of the AFC Wild Card Live Stream

ESPN is available nationwide, but CBS is not available

Sling TV Review

Sling TV gives you a way to watch ESPN, but CBS is not available. In fact, most local channels, if included, are only in a small amount of areas. The Sling Orange package offers ESPN for $30 per month. 30 channels are included in this package, but if you want more channels, there are dozens of add-ons available. You can change, modify, or cancel your package whenever you want.

A Small Cloud-DVR is Now Included

Sling TV includes access to WatchESPN and other TV Everywhere apps. An on-demand library is also included. A small amount of cloud-DVR space now comes with each package. You can watch the AFC Wild Card stream on ESPN on Roku, Apple TV, AirTV, Chromecast, mobile devices, Amazon Fire TV, computers, and other devices. Our Sling TV review is a great way to learn more.

Sling TV details:


CBS ALL ACCESS Includes Some AFC Wild Card Streaming Action

Watch CBS from $6 per month

cbs all access review

CBS All Access offers access to CBS, but not ESPN. In fact, this is the standalone CBS streaming service. You’ll pay $6 per month for access to a CBS live stream. Over 90% of markets will have access to a live stream of CBS with this package. While this package won’t work if you want a cable replacement, if you just need CBS, this is a great way to get it. Our CBS All Access review can tell you more.

With No Contracts – Cancel at Anytime

In addition to live content, CBS All Access includes a massive on-demand library filled with CBS hits of today and yesterday. Some movies are also available. CBS All Access original content is also included. You can stream the AFC Wild Card on Roku, Apple TV, computers, mobile devices, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and other devices. You won’t sign a contract, so you can cancel whenever you device.

CBS All Access details:

  • Pay just $6 per month
  • Watch the CBS live stream in most areas
  • A full CBS on-demand library is included
  • Stream on mobile devices, Amazon Fire TV, computer, Roku, and more
  • No contracts are required
  • Try CBS All Access free for a week


Watch the CBS AFC Wild Card Live Stream on fuboTV

Some local channels are included in most areas, ESPN is not available

fuboTV logo
 features access to CBS, but ESPN is not included. This is kind of odd considering how many sports channels fuboTV offers. This package includes 95+ channels and 30+ of those channels are sports channels. You also receive local channels like CBS in many areas. So, with this package you can watch part of the AFC Wild Card live stream, but not the other half. This package is available for $55 per month. The first month will be just $45.

The On-Demand Library Features 3-Day Replay

fuboTV includes plenty of features. There’s an on-demand library included with 3-day replay. You’ll also have a cloud-based DVR with upgradeable space. You can also watch some TV Everywhere apps with this package. You can watch on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, mobile devices, computers, and other devices.

fuboTV details:

  • $45 for the first month, $55 per month after
  • Watch over 95 channels
  • An on-demand library is included with 3-day replay
  • Many TV Everywhere apps are compatible
  • Watch on Roku, mobile devices, Chromecast, Apple TV, and more
  • Sign up for the fuboTV 7-day trial offer

Our fuboTV review can tell you more!

Still not sure how to watch the AFC Wild Card live stream? Leave us your questions in the comments or check out our full sports guide!

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