AMC Premiere review

AMC Premiere highlights

  • Starting at $4.99/mo.
  • It may not be a standalone service like Hulu, but as an extension of its parent network, AMC Premiere hits above its weight class by including shows from sister channels like BBC, IFC and Sundance TV. 
  • Start a free seven-day trial.

AMC produces some of the most popular shows on television. With heavy-hitters like Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, Mad Men and The Walking Dead, AMC helped bring in the golden age of television. AMC Premiere is a service that allows you to upgrade your regular AMC app. So, unlike standalone services like CBS All Access and Disney+, AMC Premiere works as an extension to the current AMC app. 

This isn’t necessarily unheard of or even a detriment. For instance, ESPN+ also shares an app with its parent company (ESPN), letting you unlock premium content. Unlike ESPN+, though, AMC Premiere doesn’t carry exclusive shows. But at least it does contain shows from other AMC entities, such as BBC, IFC, Shudder, Sundance Now and Sundance TV. Altogether, AMC offers six separate streaming services that include Acorn TV, AMC+, BritBox, IFC Films, Shudder, Sundance Now and WE tv+. AMC Networks estimates that its subscriber load will increase to four million by 2022 and seven million by 2024. 

AMC Premiere originally launched in 2017, but there’s little out there in regard to the service’s individual stats. As of late, AMC appears to be rebranding AMC Premiere as AMC+, starting by giving access to Xfinity customers. But AMC Premiere doesn’t appear to be out of the lexicon, as both names are used for the same service. Here’s what to expect. 

Why AMC Premiere may be the right streaming service for you

If you’re a fan of shows like The Walking Dead, then chances are AMC Premiere is a good fit for you. Once you obtain early access to your favorite series without commercial breaks, you won’t want to go back to regular TV. Not to mention, AMC Premiere is a great way to get popular shows that don’t appear on AMC, like IFC’s Documentary Now!

Compare AMC Premiere packages and pricing

AMC Premiere is an all-in-one package. So, there aren’t any other subscription tiers to choose from. Most of what you can watch is ad-free. But for whatever reason, if there are ad breaks, AMC will make it known so you won’t be caught off guard. There are two AMC prices to choose from. The first is by month, for $4.99/mo. Or, you can pay annually, which amounts to $59.99. Although, there’s an ongoing promotion where you can get an entire year for only $29.49. 

AMC Premiere
Monthly price$4.99
Free trial length7 days
Number of titles100+
Number of simultaneous streamsPer TV provider
Cloud DVR storageN/A
Offline viewingYes
Ad-free optionYes

AMC Premiere bundles, deals and free trials 

You can save big with AMC Premiere as it bundles content from various networks into one low-priced package. And for extra savings, there are even deals, promotions and trials to sweeten the pot. 

Receive shows from AMC and its other networks. 

As we mentioned above, you’ll get more than just AMC shows with AMC Premiere. Along with AMC’s premium extension, you’ll get more of what AMC has to offer, which includes series from BBC, IFC, Shudder and Sundance TV. This means you’ll get BBC dramas, IFC comedies, scary movies on Shudder and superior storytelling with Sundance TV. 

Save even more by purchasing a year subscription. 

AMC Premiere is one of the more affordable apps compared to other streaming services. By contrast, CBS All Access starts at $5.99/mo., Disney+ is priced at $6.99/mo., and Hulu costs $5.99/mo. However, you’ll save even more with AMC Premiere’s current promotion, which offers its service for $29.49/yr. That translates to $2.46/mo. 

Get a week of AMC Premiere for free. 

Most streaming services are simple to try without consequence, and AMC Premiere is no different. Whether you opt to pay for AMC Premiere monthly or by the year, you’ll be able to try it out for one week absolutely free. Just be sure to cancel before your trial period is up if you don’t want to continue with AMC’s premium service. 

User experience

If you’re familiar with the ESPN app and how it uses its ESPN+ service, then you’ll find AMC Premiere works in much the same way. Or, if you’re an Apple user, you may recognize how Apple Arcade is part of the Apple App Store. Likewise, AMC Premiere is part of the AMC app. 

Normally, to watch AMC content on its app, you’ll need to provide your TV provider’s information. It’s no different with AMC Premiere. Once you’re logged in, you’ll notice certain shows and features you can unlock with a subscription to AMC Premiere. You’ll have the ability to share AMC Premiere with other members of your family, and even watch concurrently. But the exact number of streams depends on your TV provider. 

Use your mobile device as a remote when you mirror screens with your TV using streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV and Google Chromecast. Or, simply watch AMC content on your laptop via your web browser by logging on to with your credentials. 

Device compatibility

AMC Premiere is compatible with most major smartphones, tablets and streaming devices. However, even though you can download the AMC app on Nvidia Shield and Xbox One, you won’t find it anywhere on Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4. Here’s a complete list of the devices supported by AMC Premiere. 

AMC Premiere features 

There are a few features that AMC Premiere will surprise you with. But, ultimately, as an extension service rather than a standalone app, some features may depend on your TV provider. The picture quality for shows is better than what you’d get with regular cable, but other streaming apps like Netflix offer AMC content in 4K. This is puzzling since AMC’s app itself doesn’t stream its originals in 4K. 

Watch your favorite AMC content with offline downloads. 

AMC advertises that most of its shows are available for download. This is true, but to find out what titles you can watch online, navigate to your show and if a download icon is visible, tap on it. That way, you’ll be able to watch free of commercials when away from Wi-Fi. 

Binge content without breaks for ads. 

One of the standout features of AMC Premiere is how it’s ad-free. Even though AMC Premiere doesn’t have DVR storage like cable-alternative services, don’t fret. You won’t need to worry about fast-forwarding through commercials. For content that does contain ad breaks, however, you’ll at least be notified. 

Gain passage to additional exclusive content. 

With AMC Premiere, there are video extras that are unlockable only to AMC Premiere subscribers. So not only will you obtain early access to shows 48 hours before they premiere nationally, but you’ll get exclusive content like bonus footage, behind-the-scenes (BTS) videos and more. 

Watch on multiple screens simultaneously. 

While AMC Premiere states that it does support concurrent viewing, there’s no set number of screens. Since you’ll need access to AMC through your TV provider, the number of simultaneous streams hinges on your current plan. 

What to watch on AMC Premiere

Not all content is made equal on AMC’s app. Series produced by AMC get top billing on the app, and it shows. But when it comes down to certain AMC Originals, like Better Call Saul, you may notice episodes disappearing from AMC’s platform after a month. 

Non-subscribers can take advantage of the occasional movie or show that’s available for free without a subscription or signing in. More on that below. 

Shows and movies 


AMC Premiere excels with the shows it offers. For only $5/mo., you gain access to quite a few networks also owned by AMC Networks. With an AMC Premiere subscription, you’ll be able to watch shows from BBC, IFC, Shudder, Sundance TV and Sundance Now. So, in addition to programming broadcast on AMC, there are series like Apple Tree Yard, Brockmire, Creepshow, Doctor Who and The Bureau. There are also random titles that you can watch without a subscription. For instance, Bottomless Brunch At Colman’s is available to anyone. You’ll just need to sit through a few ad breaks. 


The movies offered up by AMC Premiere are limited, to say the least. There are a little over 60 movie titles within its catalog, most of which you probably haven’t thought of in awhile. Some of the most notable movies on AMC Premiere are Casino, Gone in 60 Seconds, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and True Lies.  

Original content 

AMC Premiere doesn’t have original content exclusive to its service. Instead, you’ll be able to watch AMC originals when they’re in season. But, if they aren’t, like Mad Men, then you’ll need to wait for a time when they are made available — most likely during a promotional period. This is a bit of a drawback being that other streaming apps make their original content available at all times. 

Our hot take

AMC Premiere isn’t a standalone app, but as an extension of AMC Networks programming, you can enjoy shows from AMC, BBC, IFC, Shudder, Sundance Now and Sundance TV for the same price as a large banana and strawberry smoothie. In addition to tons of shows, you’ll be able to enjoy features like 48-hour early premieres minus the ads. So, if you love shows like Better Call Saul and The Walking Dead, and you have a TV provider, then AMC Premiere is a worthwhile upgrade. However, if you don’t currently have a TV provider that carries AMC, then you’ll probably want to consider services with AMC content, like Netflix. Start a free seven-day trial.

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