AT&T TV bundles

AT&T TV bundles 

AT&T TV recently launched in March of 2020 as a streaming TV service meant to compete with over-the-top (OTT) alternative apps. But instead of other streaming services that require either a smart TV or media player from Amazon or Roku, AT&T TV provides customers with an Android TV-based set-top box. AT&T TV offers multiple tiers of packages that include the Entertainment Package ($59.99/mo.), Choice Package ($64.99/mo.) and XTRA Package ($74.99/mo.) There’s also a chance to combine your package with AT&T Internet, along with other bundling opportunities. 

You can learn more about AT&T TV with our in-depth review of its service. Now, let’s take a closer look at AT&T TV’s complete list of bundles. 

AT&T TV bundles breakdown

AT&T encourages you to bundle its TV and internet services in order to receive the best savings. There are a few bundling options to choose from. However, they can be kind of tricky to discern on AT&T’s website. 

Keep in mind that each package and bundle necessitates a contract for two years with early cancellation fees. The cost of your package also increases in your second year. The prices fluctuate depending on taxes and internet equipment fees. 

AT&T TV offers the following internet bundles:  

  1. Entertainment + AT&T Internet bundle
  2. Choice + AT&T Internet bundle 
  3. XTRA + AT&T Internet bundle 
  4. Ultimate + AT&T Internet bundle
  5. Premier + AT&T Internet bundle
  6. Optimo Más + AT&T Internet bundle

Entertainment + AT&T TV Internet bundle

  • $89.98/mo. 
  • Entertainment Package and AT&T Internet.
  • Includes 65+ Live TV channels like ESPN, HGTV, Nickelodeon, TNT and more. You’ll also get three free months of Showtime, Starz and EPIX. 
  • The Entertainment Package + internet bundle starts at $89.98 for your first year and jumps to a whopping $132.99/mo. in your second year. That’s unless you cancel your subscription — which, as stated above, would lead to a cancellation fee. Ultimately, it’s pretty costly in the long run. 
  • Sign up today to see if you live in a location serviced by AT&T. 

Choice + AT&T TV Internet bundle

  • $94.98/mo. 
  • Choice Package and AT&T Internet. 
  • The bundle comes with 90+ channels like Cooking Network,, ESPNU and Game Show Network, along with regional sports networks (RSNs) and everything that’s offered in the Entertainment bundle. An on-demand library of up to 45,000 titles sweetens the deal. A huge bonus is also attached in the form of a free year subscription to HBO Max. 
  • Throughout the first 12 months of your subscription, you’ll pay the above-stated cost of $94.98/mo. Afterward, your monthly fee increases to $149.99/mo. 
  • Visit today to see if your area qualifies for AT&T TV. 

XTRA + AT&T TV Internet bundle

  • $104.98/mo. 
  • XTRA Package and AT&T Internet.
  • There are 120+ Live TV channels in addition to RSNs within this bundle. You’ll get all the channels from the previous two packages, as well as FXM, Golf Network, LMN and National Geographic WILD. This bundle also includes an on-demand library of 50,000 titles and a free year of HBO Max. 
  • While the rate for your first year begins at $104.98/mo., year two skyrockets to $163.99/mo. You could probably do better by paying for a cable-alternative streaming service and internet provider separately. 
  • Are you interested in starting a subscription? Head to to see if your area is eligible. 

Ultimate + AT&T TV Internet bundle

  • $109.98/mo. 
  • Ultimate Package and AT&T Internet.
  • You’ll get tons of entertainment, lifestyle and sports networks that amount to 130+ channels. 
  • Like AT&T TV’s other bundles, in its second year, the Ultimate + internet package climbs up in price. After your first 12 months, your rate rises to $174.99/mo. 
  • If you’d like to sign up for the Ultimate + AT&T internet package, visit AT&T TV

Premier + AT&T TV Internet bundle

  • $159.98/mo.
  • Premier Package and AT&T Internet.
  • Not only will you have access to all of the channels included in previous packages, but also Cinemax, Epix, Showtime and Starz. The number of live TV channels comes out to over 140 unique networks.  
  • Your TV and internet are billed separately. So, after your first-year promotion concludes, you’ll be billed $183/mo. for TV and $39.99/mo. for internet, totaling $222.99/mo. 
  • Would you like to learn more about AT&T TV’s most premium plan? Reach out to AT&T TV representatives online to see if you qualify. 

Optimo Más + AT&T TV Internet bundle

  • $94.98/mo. 
  • Optimo Más Package and AT&T Internet.
  • Along with an on-demand library of 30,000 titles, you’ll receive 50+ Spanish language channels and 40+ English channels. 
  • After your first year, the last 12 months of your subscription increases to $125.99/mo. 
  • To see if you reside in an area that carries AT&T TV, reach out online today

Other ways to bundle with AT&T TV 

AT&T lists additional bundles on its website that combine its internet service with DirecTV. These are known as “Double Plays,” which combine various TV packages with your monthly internet bill. “Triple Plays” consolidate your TV and internet package with your phone bill for even more savings. 

As mentioned above, there’s currently a promotion where you’ll receive HBO Max for one year free when you sign up for select AT&T TV packages. 

Our hot take 

AT&T TV works more like a traditional dish service rather than a cable-alternative service. So, if you’re on the lookout for strictly a cable-replacement subscription service, then we recommend AT&T TV NOW, fuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV and Vidgo. However, what AT&T TV bundles present that others don’t is the joining of your internet and TV together into one monthly bill. There’s just one catch, you must sign a two-year contract. And in your second year, your monthly bill rises exponentially. 

If money isn’t a problem for you, then AT&T TV’s packages will provide you with a solid overall cable and internet experience. You really get what you pay for. That said, there are more affordable ways to enjoy live TV networks. 

To discover more about AT&T TV, visit AT&T TV’s website and enter your address or call a representative at (866) 336-6163 today.

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