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AT&T TV blurs the lines between cable replacement services and traditional television. So, if you’re still deciding between cutting the cord or maintaining your cable package, AT&T TV makes for a decent compromise. AT&T TV supplies you with an Android-powered set-top box that you hook up to your TV in order to receive access to live TV channels and on-demand movies. Take advantage of numerous packages to choose from, including Entertainment ($59.99/mo.), Choice ($64.99/mo.), XTRA ($74.99/mo.), Ultimate ($79.99/mo.), Premier ($129.99/mo.) and Optimo Más ($64.99/mo.)

There are also a few ways to get more out of your AT&T TV package. For instance, you have the option to bundle your TV package with AT&T Internet. In addition to bundles, there are a few AT&T offers, deals and promotions that you’ll also benefit from, which we’ll cover below. But first, would you like to find out more about AT&T TV and everything it has to offer? Then, we recommend our full review of its service. 

AT&T TV free trial 

Like most cable-replacement services out there, AT&T TV gives you up to a week to try out its service to see if it’s right for you. After your seven days are up, you’ll be charged for your first month. 

Compared to other services like AT&T TV NOW, Hulu + Live TV and Sling TV, the seven-day trial period is typical. After a few days, let alone a week, you’ll usually know if a service is right for your household. Although one main difference between AT&T TV and the aforementioned services is its two-year contract. Upon signing up, you’ll enter a contractual agreement for 24 months. And if you break your contract within that period, you’ll be subject to a cancellation fee. 

If you’re testing AT&T TV, we recommend using the time of year as an indicator of what to watch. So, sports fans should try out CBS Sports, ESPN and FOX Sports. Depending on your package, you may have access to additional sports channels, like ESPNU and regional sports networks (RSNs). 

There’s one feature you should keep in mind. Unlike fuboTV, AT&T TV doesn’t include any 4K-quality channels. But there’s a workaround for sports that broadcast on FOX Sports networks. Simply download the FOX Sports app and use your AT&T TV information to log in. Then, you can start streaming live events in crystal-clear 4K. 

AT&T TV bundles

Save an extra few bucks by bundling your TV subscription with AT&T internet. Here’s a full list of the AT&T TV bundles. 

  1. Entertainment + AT&T Internet 
  2. Choice + AT&T Internet 
  3. XTRA + AT&T Internet 
  4. Ultimate + AT&T Internet 
  5. Premier + AT&T Internet 
  6. Optimo Más + AT&T Internet

Entertainment + AT&T TV internet

  • $89.98/mo. 
  • Entertainment Package and AT&T Internet.
  • Includes 65+ live TV channels and three free months of EPIX, Showtime and Starz.
  • $89.98 for your first year and $132.99/mo. for your second. 
  • Start a plan today. 

Choice + AT&T TV Internet 

  • $94.98/mo. 
  • Choice Package and AT&T Internet. 
  • 90+ channels along with regional sports networks (RSNs), an on-demand library of up to 45,000 movies and shows and a free year of HBO Max. 
  • $94.98/mo. for your first 12-months and $149.99/mo. after.
  • Take a look at

XTRA + AT&T TV Internet 

  • $104.98/mo. 
  • XTRA Package and AT&T Internet.
  • 120+ Live TV channels, including everything from the previous two packages and an on-demand library of 50,000 titles. 
  • $104.98/mo. for your first year and then $163.99/mo. 
  • Head to to see if you qualify. 

Ultimate + AT&T TV Internet 

  • $109.98/mo. 
  • Ultimate Package and AT&T Internet.
  • 130+ channels and everything included in lesser plans. 
  • Year two jumps to $174.99/mo. 
  • Visit AT&T TV to learn more. 

Premier + AT&T TV Internet 

  • $159.98/mo.
  • Premier Package and AT&T Internet.
  • 140+ channels, along with everything available from previous plans.  
  • Your TV and internet amount to $222.99/mo. in year two. 
  • Chat with an AT&T rep online to start your subscription. 

Optimo Más + AT&T TV Internet 

  • $94.98/mo. 
  • Optimo Más Package and AT&T Internet.
  • 50+ Spanish channels, 40+ English channels and 30,000 on-demand titles. 
  • The final year of your subscription, monthly fees increase to $125.99/mo.
  • Learn more online today. 

Other AT&T TV deals and discounts

Receive $200 with an AT&T Visa® Rewards Card

  • Save $200.
  • When you bundle one of AT&T TV’s packages with internet, you’ll qualify for $200 when you purchase through All Home Connections with this AT&T offer. 
  • Just make sure that you use it within six months of receiving it. 
  • Call AT&T if you have any questions regarding this exclusive offer. 

Save $20/mo. for an entire year

  • Save $20/mo. 
  • By bundling your AT&T TV subscription with AT&T Internet, you’ll save $20/mo. for your first year’s subscription. 
  • This promotion amounts to $10/mo. in discounts on your internet plan and another $10/mo. in the form of credit for 12 months. 
  • Sign up today to save. 

One year free of HBO Max™

  • Save $179.88.
  • At this point in time, HBO Max is free with both the Choice and XTRA packages. Just be aware that if you don’t cancel your HBO Max subscription before your year is up, you’ll be charged after the promotional period expires. 
  • HBO Max currently costs $14.99/mo. So, by subscribing to a select AT&T TV plan that tosses in HBO Max for free, you’ll save a total of $179.88. You must be a new residential customer to receive this promotion. 
  • Call today to see if you qualify. 

Three months free Cinemax®, EPIX®, Showtime® and Starz®

  • You pay $0 for three months. 
  • Every AT&T TV package provides you with three months of Epix, Showtime and Starz. And if you purchase the Choice package or anything above, you’ll also acquire Cinemax for the same length trial period. 
  • Combined, Cinemax ($9.99/mo.), EPIX ($5.99/mo.), Showtime ($11/mo.) and Starz ($8.99/mo.) amount to $35.97/mo. That’s an overall savings of $107.91/yr.
  • Subscribe today and start watching. 

AT&T internet deals

  • $39.99/mo.
  • There are multiple plans to choose between with up to 100 Mbps. AT&T provides some of the fastest internet speeds on the market. So, you’ll be able to stream 20x faster than traditional TV. And it also includes 1 TB of data. 
  • By bundling your internet with AT&T TV, you’ll save even more. With this exclusive deal that’s available with any AT&T TV package, you can get an internet plan for as little as $39.99/mo. Remember that $10/mo. worth of equipment fees is attached to your monthly bill. 
  • Reach out to AT&T to see if you can start saving.  

Home phone offers

  • $25.99/mo. 
  • Phone bills can be a drag, but now you can bundle your phone with your TV and internet for an impressive rate. 
  • When you bundle today, you’ll get AT&T’s Phone 200 deal for $25.99/mo. Or, you can opt for the Phone International Plus plan for the price of $40.99/mo. This allows you to reach out to anywhere in the US, Canada, Mexico and US territories without an additional fee. 
  • Call and learn more today. 

Our hot take 

You’ll save big when you purchase your AT&T TV subscription with a number of deals and promotions. If you plan on starting a subscription with AT&T, the best way to save the most is by bundling your internet, TV and phone. You’ll still need to sign a contract as you would with traditional cable and satellite, but you’ll receive reliable hardware and service that’ll give you some peace of mind. Sign up for AT&T TV today and receive seven days free. 

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