AT&T TV compatible devices

While AT&T TV is far from the cheapest streaming service, it offers some standout features that make it a worthwhile investment. As highlighted in our AT&T TV review, the service comes with more than 55,000 on-demand titles as well as an expansive lineup of live TV channels. It even lets you record up to 500 hours of live TV and stream from up to three devices at a time.

With all of these impressive offerings, AT&T TV could easily be one of the best cord-cutting solutions in the market. But before you sign up for the service, you’ll want to get a better idea of what devices it works with and how to get the best streaming experience. This post gives you a detailed look at all the compatible AT&T TV devices and helps you decide on the best options for you.

AT&T TV compatible devices

You can get AT&T TV on a wide range of devices — from phones and tablets to smart TVs and streaming media players. The service currently works with the following devices:

You can even access it from your computer using the most updated version of your browser. Even among these compatible AT&T TV devices, you can get optimal performance on certain OS versions. For instance, AT&T recommends that you use Android 8.0 and above, although it works on older versions of the operating system. Similarly, it also recommends using iOS 12 and above, although it works on iOS 11 as well.

Unfortunately, AT&T TV doesn’t work with gaming consoles such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. But you can use these devices with major streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Netflix.

Which device should I use to stream AT&T TV?

With so many factors to take into consideration, it can get a bit challenging to decide on the best streaming device for AT&T TV. In general, streaming quality should be your top concern, but that doesn’t necessarily hold true in case you’re on a budget. You’ll have to settle for slightly lower streaming quality if you need an inexpensive streaming device.

Besides these factors, you should also consider the size of the device based on how you intend to stream AT&T TV. If you’re streaming from the comfort of your home, you’ll probably want something that offers optimal picture quality on a bigger screen. But for those always on the move, a small and portable device would make more sense.

AT&T TV option for: Amazon members

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

For Prime members, the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K would be a great way to stream AT&T TV. The device allows seamless integration with other Amazon devices and services. So you could use it to manage all your streaming subscriptions in one place, alongside your AT&T TV Now Fire Stick app.

It supports 4K Ultra HD (High-Definition) and Dolby Vision. So although AT&T TV doesn’t offer live 4K channels, you can still use this device to get brilliant picture quality. Plus, the built-in Alexa means you get to seamlessly switch between channels and browse through the content library using voice commands.

The best part is that you get all of these premium features for just $49.99. This makes it a great option for those who need a budget-friendly streaming device since the AT&T TV subscription already costs quite a bit.

AT&T TV option for: Streaming AT&T TV on the go

Apple iPad Pro (11-inch)

If you like the idea of streaming your favorite shows during lunch or on your way to work, you’ll want a device that offers portability. That’s where the 11-inch iPad Pro enters the picture with some exceptional features and a durable yet lightweight build. This means you get to take it with you wherever you go.

In spite of the smaller screen, it still offers an immersive streaming experience with an edge-to-edge Liquid Retina display. And the ultralow reflectivity means you’d have no trouble seeing what’s on the screen even while streaming outdoors. It even comes with a True Tone feature that automatically adapts to your surroundings and adjusts the color and brightness.

All of these features make the iPad Pro an excellent choice for those who regularly travel or have a long commute to and from work. With it, you won’t have to miss a big Braves game on ESPN or wait till you get home to watch the latest episode of Better Call Saul on AMC. And although the $799 price tag may be quite steep, it could be well worth the investment depending on how you plan to use the device.

AT&T TV option for: Streaming AT&T TV on game days

Apple TV 4K

To keep up with your favorite sports teams on game day, you should consider using AT&T TV on Apple TV 4K. The device comes with Gigabit Ethernet support, which provides a fast and reliable connection to ensure that you don’t miss a second of the game.

It also has an upscaling engine that converts low-resolution streams into 4K. So although AT&T TV doesn’t offer 4K content, you can use this feature to get a much better streaming quality. Combined with support for Dolby Atmos sound, the device offers a highly immersive streaming experience.

As such, the AT&T TV Apple TV 4K option may be exactly what you need to really get into the game and watch your favorite team in action. And although $179 may seem like a lot, it could be worth the investment for exceptional streaming quality.

AT&T TV option for: Streaming AT&T TV on a budget

Roku Express

Since AT&T TV is far from affordable, some may want a budget-friendly streaming service that can balance this out with a lower price tag. At just $29.99, the Roku Express offers exactly what you need. And since the device offers solid features such as High-Definition (HD) streaming and content upscaling, you’ll still get an excellent experience watching AT&T TV on Roku.

You can even personalize the AT&T TV Roku app to show up on your home screen, making it easier to access your favorite channels in just a few clicks.

Our hot take

Your streaming habits and preferences mainly influence which AT&T TV devices would work best for you. While Apple TV 4K offers some standout features for watching live sports, you might want to get AT&T TV on Roku Express for a more affordable solution.

To see how the service works on your current devices, make sure you sign up for an AT&T TV free trial. Some of the packages even offer a free year of HBO Max, so you might want to consider those options. And if you bundle it with your wireless bill, you save a few extra dollars for the first year.

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