AT&T TV review

AT&T TV highlights

  • Starting at $59.99/mo.
  • AT&T TV is an intuitive streaming service with excellent entertainment options.  
  • You can sign up for the service here.

AT&T TV review

AT&T TV is a brand new streaming service. You can order and stream the same day, provided you have internet speeds of at least 8 Mbps. Similar to other streaming services, you’ll have access to a wide library of channels and on-demand programming. What helps AT&T stand out is its generous DVR service, where you’ll have access to over 500 hours of storage. 

Along with watching the streaming service online, AT&T also provides app capabilities where you can stream on your favorite smart TV. 

Why AT&T TV may be the right streaming service to you

AT&T TV offers over 55,000 titles on demand, a generous assortment of channel offerings and an excellent DVR service. Further, its package offerings give sports fans access to the hottest games, movie lovers a chance to see the latest blockbusters through HBO Max, and families a chance to enjoy a cozy evening with the Disney Channel. 

Compare AT&T TV packages and pricing

There are three package offerings with AT&T TV. The Entertainment Package includes over 65 channels for $59.99 per month. By comparison, Hulu + Live TV runs a little cheaper at $54.99 a month for the same amount of channels, while YouTube starts at $49.99 monthly and comes with 70+ channels. 

Compare AT&T TV’s packages and pricing to find the right fit for you.

Entertainment PackageChoice PackageXTRA Package
Monthly price$59.99$64.99$74.99
Free trial lengthNoneNoneNone
Number of titles/channels65+90+120+
Number of simultaneous streams333
Cloud DVR storage500500500
Offline viewingYes, through downloadsYes, through downloadsYes, through downloads
Ad-free optionNoNoNo

AT&T TV bundles, deals and free trials

Here’s a closer look at AT&T TV availability and offers by way of bundles, deals and trials:

AT&T TV bundles

One benefit of buying streaming services with AT&T is you can bundle them with your wireless bill. When you do so, you’ll save $10 a month on your streaming TV package for the first year of service. 

AT&T TV deals

On the deals front, AT&T TV has a sweet incentive in the form of free HBO Max for the first year. Simply, choose the Choice or XTRA Package. Considering HBO on its own is $15 per month with all providers, this incentive can save you $180 while giving you access to an exceptional library of content. 

AT&T TV free trials

One area where AT&T TV lacks from other streaming services is there’s no free trial. However, after ordering service, you have 14 days to see if it’s right for you. So, while you have to pay upfront to activate service, you have twice as long as both YouTube and Hulu offer to test drive the service. 

Device compatibility

AT&T TV is compatible with web browsers, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, Android TV, smart TVs made by Samsung, and Android, Samsung, LG, and Apple phones and tablets. However, the service isn’t available to stream on select smart TVs like Vizio and video game consoles. 

AT&T TV features

AT&T TV holds several advantages that other streaming services might not have. Here are some of the better benefits you gain with AT&T TV.

Free HBO Max for a year

As noted above, if you subscribe to the Choice or XTRA Package, you’ll have access to HBO Max for free for the first year. This is an excellent service that houses all of HBO’s top programming, many classic movies from TCM and much more.

Easy app integration

The service makes it easy to house all your favorite apps in one area. With AT&T TV, you’ll have access to over 5,000 apps including Pandora, CNN, Netflix (subscription required) and more.

Generous recording storage

When you sign up with service through AT&T TV, you’ll gain access to its DVR service. With this you can record your favorite program and watch it when you want. And with 500 hours of recording space available, this gives each member of your household the flexibility to record what they want. 

Google Assistant integration

With Google Assistant, you can use voice commands to record a show, change the channel and more. This is an excellent feature you won’t find with many other streaming services. 

What to watch on AT&T TV

Catch a gritty crime drama, your favorite network show or your favorite sporting event with AT&T TV. 

Live TV channels 

AT&T TV comes with a full complement of the most popular channels. Each package comes with ESPN, TNT, Nickelodeon and HGTV. This makes each channel lineup perfect for sports lovers, avid news watchers or families looking for friendlier content. 

Shows and movies 


There are many shows you’ll have access to with AT&T streaming TV. If you enjoy network shows, dramas like Chicago Fire, Grey’s Anatomy, Law and Order Special Victims Unit and more will be available with the press of a button. And with ESPN, you can catch the critically acclaimed 30 for 30 documentaries the channel occasionally broadcasts. 

Explore which shows to watch on AT&T TV.


For movie lovers, AT&T TV is a must-have experience, especially if you buy a package with HBO Max. Then, you’ll have access to newer releases like Doctor Sleep, Ready or Not and Wonder Woman. You’ll also have the opportunity to catch up on old classics like Jaws, Casablanca and The Wizard of Oz

Explore what movies to watch on AT&T TV.

Our hot take

AT&T streaming TV offers exceptional value for the sheer programming options you’ll have access to. This service is perfect if you’re looking for a great mix of live programming, on-demand features and access to HBO’s extensive library. Overall, while AT&T is far from the cheapest service available, its generous recording space, voice controls, app integration and HBO Max incentives make them a great option to consider. 

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Sean Jackson