Best free video streaming services of 2020: Watch movies and shows for free online

When Netflix first arrived on the scene, it was entirely dependent on DVDs. At that time, the idea of being able to stream high-quality content online or on a handheld device was only a future proposition. Now, two decades later, that future is upon us, and more.

Not only are on-demand streaming services plentiful, so are live TV streaming services that rival cable television in their scope of programming and quality of service. For a better price and with more flexibility, you can stream everything you can get from cable TV, and usually without being locked into a contract. Streaming video subscriptions are so popular they’ve surpassed cable TV subscriptions globally.

But with all the streaming options out there, and with so many boasting exclusive content, you could easily find yourself spending as much as you would on cable or more. So it would be nice if there were some really good free options out there that let you watch free movies and shows and even free live TV online. As it turns out, there are.

The best free video streaming services

Our methodology and research

We researched free streaming services and evaluated them based on selection of titles, ads, quality, availability and more and put together our top five. We specifically looked for reputable services, ignoring entirely any kind of fringe options that circumvent normal licensing rights.

Number of free services researched: 15

Criteria used: For this review, we looked at featured content, number of titles, live or on-demand, accounts and picture quality.

Compare free video streaming services

IMDb TVPluto TVThe Roku ChannelTubi TVCrackle
Free titles6.5 million1000+10,000+20,000+500+
Live/On-demand contentOn-demandBothOn-demandOn-demandBoth
Account requiredYesNoYesNoNo
Picture qualityUp to 1080pBelow HDUp to 4KUp to HDBelow HD

Find the right free TV and movie streaming service for you

Finding the perfect streaming service to watch free movies and TV shows isn’t all that hard – or necessary. Because they’re free, you can sign up for all of them, taking advantage of the best each has to offer. Which one becomes your favorite may just come down to what you can watch or how easily you can call it up on your favorite device.

Most potential content: IMDb TV

Standout features

Amazon owns IMDb, which is a database full of information about almost every production ever done. That database has over 6.5 million titles, and you can watch a great many of them right from the IMDb interface. IMDb adds new titles to the list of content all the time.

Potential drawbacks

Just because you find a title in the IMDb database doesn’t mean it’s actually on IMDb TV. Also, you do have to log in to watch, but you can easily create an account with Facebook or Google for super fast access. 

What to watch on IMDb TV

IMDb focuses largely on free movies but is strong on free TV shows as well. The service’s front page features older hits like Boondock Saints, Hitch, Robin Hood and Short Circuit, classics like Apocalypse Now and Lawrence of Arabia and TV shows from the recent past like Chicago Fire and Heroes. The service also offers a selection of originals, most of which surround major events, such as IMDb at the Emmys or IMDb at the Oscars.

Sign up for IMDb TV to start watching free movies and shows today.

Easiest to start with: Pluto TV

Standout features

One of the best things about Pluto TV is that it offers both free on-demand movies and shows as well as free live TV streaming. If you were to head to Pluto TV’s website right now, you would be immediately greeted with a live broadcast. Beneath that, there’s a list of channels laid out just like any guide. You can click on any one to change to that channel. Getting going with Pluto TV is as fast as turning on your TV.

Potential drawbacks

Unfortunately, Pluto TV ‘s video quality can leave something to be desired, and the content selection is limited. But if you’re not looking for anything in particular, and you’re watching on a laptop or a phone, it works quite nicely.

What to watch on Pluto TV

Pluto TV’s channel lineup looks different than a regular cable TV listing. It features many specialty channels like PlutoTV Movies, TV Drama, TV Comedy and TV Horror, as well as channels grouped by topic like entertainment, movies and news. The service also provides a range of on-demand movies and TV with titles ranging from Basic Instinct to Degrassi and everything in between.

Go to Pluto TV today to start watching movies and shows for free.

Standout features

The Roku Channel offers a large selection of popular free movies and TV shows that span across genres and generations. Videos load quickly, and the image quality is clear and sharp. The interface even offers a convenient live news stream.

Potential drawbacks

The Roku Channel asks for a lot of personal info in its signup process, like birth date and gender. This may make some people uneasy.

What to watch on The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel is the place to go for high-end DC blockbusters like Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, nostalgic comedy shows such as Who’s The Boss and Bewitched as well as reality shows like The Bachelorette and Hoarders. 

Watch free movies and TV shows today on The Roku Channel.

Best user interface: Tubi

Standout features

Like Pluto TV, Tubi requires no login to watch. The website interface is sleek and the menu shows a list of genres when you mouse over it. Titles are laid out in a clean carousel that’s neither too big or too small, and it feels easy to find something to watch.

Potential drawbacks

Tubi doesn’t offer live TV streaming, nor does it feature any original content. The service sticks to just free movies and shows.

What to watch on Tubi

Tubi’s catalog isn’t super a-list cutting edge – instead of Batman Begins you’ll find titles like Child 44 – but it isn’t bad either, and it’s nice to find some alternate titles to peruse.

Check out Tubi to watch free movies and shows today.

Best for old TV: Crackle

Standout features

Crackle has a nice selection of classic movies, including The Lady from Shanghai, In a Lonely Place and The Big Heat. It also features older programs such as  Bewitched, Charlie’s Angels, and Fantasy Island

Potential drawbacks

Sometimes Crackle’s video quality leaves something to be desired. You often have to sit through commercials before selections even start.

What to watch on Crackle

Crackle has tons of content, and what stands out in its catalog is all the television nostalgia. You can get shows like All In The Family, The Facts Of Life and Roseanne. If you were an 80s or 90s kid, you could have a lot of fun re-visiting these old shows.

When it comes to free movies, Sony Crackle is a little – well – odd. If Tubi’s selection is b-list, Sony’s is c-list. Browsing movies on Crackle is a little like walking into a b-list movie rental house. You may not find anything you ever heard of, but you’ll come across a martial arts gem or some kind of cult classic you didn’t know you needed, like Office Uprising or The Last Dragon.

Watch movies and shows for free today on Crackle.

In addition to the our top selected free streaming services, there are many more online services on which to watch free movies and shows. We’ve listed some of the more popular ones below:


Vudu offers both a subscription streaming option as well as a free streaming option on which you can watch movies like Gravity or Black Hawk Down. You can also buy and rent individual titles on this streaming platform. Visit our Vudu review to read more.


Plex offers an extensive collection of free movies and shows including classic movies like Rain Man, The Red Balloon and Battle Royale. The service can also be used as a platform to manage and watch your own private collection movies, music, photos, and other media types. Visit our Plex review to read more.


Hoopla is like a library for online movies and shows. You actually have to have a library card to access the free movies and TV shows that it offers. It has some great titles like 13 Going on 30 and What We Do in the Shadows.


Kanopy is a similar streaming service to Hoopla in that you need a library card to access the content library, or you can access it through your university. The content focus is more educational than other services, with mainly documentaries, indie and foreign films. Some popular titles offered are Lady Bird and Eighth Grade. Visit our Kanopy review to read more.


CrunchyRoll is a free streaming service dedicated entirely to anime. It includes hundreds of anime series as well as other anime content. Visit our CrunchyRoll review to read more.

The takeaway

The great thing about free services is that you can check them out all you want without any risk, other than a little bit of time. In fact, you can get a feel for any of the services mentioned here in a couple of minutes. If you’re looking to check out some free movies or TV and you don’t mind a few ads and a limited selection, you can dial up any one of these services and go for it right now.

If you’re really itching for a great experience, though, you may want to spend time researching some of the best video streaming services that require a paid subscription. You’ll be able to watch without ads interrupting you, choose your content more easily and generally expect better, more consistent video quality. Until then, enjoy as much free movies and TV shows as you want, it costs you nothing!

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