CuriosityStream review

CuriosityStream highlights

  • Starting at $2.99/mo.
  • CuriosityStream is an affordable yet entertaining video streaming option.
  • Throw a streaming party tonight with CuriosityStream.  

CuriosityStream review

What is CuriosityStream? This service has been dubbed the “Netflix of documentaries.”  This relatively new streaming video-on-demand (SVOD) service specializes in videos that educate, inform and inspire. CuriosityStream manages to fulfill a specific niche that hasn’t really been filled until now with multiple CuriosityStream originals through its production company called Curiosity Studios, and ad-free documentary lectures, series, short clips, feature-length biographies, performances, lectures and life stories. 

More than 13 million subscribers worldwide can access CuriosityStream programs through computers and web browsers, Apple TV, Chromecast, on the iPhone or iPad, CuriosityStream Roku, Amazon Fire TV, the Kindle, Xbox One, Sling TV, YouTube TV and more. Plus, you can cancel at any time. 

Why CuriosityStream may be the right streaming service to you

If you like ad-free documentary and educational stories about science, nature, technology, history, society and life, you came to the right place. Unlike any other streaming service, CuriosityStream is for anyone who wants engaging nonfiction for the whole family. 

Compare CuriosityStream packages and pricing

CuriosityStream is really quite reasonable. 

  • $2.99/mo. or $19.99/year for HD content
  • $9.99/mo. or $69.99/year for 4K content

If you want ultra-HD streaming on your 4K TV, you’ll pay $7.00 more per month. For most of us, however, HD is adequate. Plus, CuriosityStream offers a free 7-day trial. Compared to services like Hulu, that offer a few more plans starting at $5.99/mo. up to $60.99/mo., or CBS All Access that also starts at $5.99/mo. up to $9.99/mo., CuriosityStream is in the running, especially when you consider the kind of content you’re getting.

Not sure CuriosityStream is for you? Compare CuriosityStream’s subscription pricing to find the right one for you. 

Monthly price$2.99 or $9.99/mo.
Free trial lengthYou get a 30-day free trial when you get CuriosityStream as an Amazon Prime Video channel. This trial is not available on the CuriosityStream website.
Number of titles/channels2000+
Number of simultaneous streamsUnlimited
Cloud DVR storageN/A
Offline viewingYes
Ad-free optionYes

CuriosityStream bundles, deals and free trials

CuriosityStream does not have a selection of packages like other streaming services. It does, however, offer free access to Nebula–a streaming video platform built by and for independent creators– when you sign up for CuriosityStream through a qualifying YouTube promotion. CuriosityStream also has a free trial and content available as an add-on with Amazon Prime, Sling TV, Comcast/Xfinity and layer3tv. 

Plus, CuriosityStream content is also provided as a complimentary service from Optimum and Suddenlink by Altice.  


Unlike Netflix that offers dozens of bundles, CuriosityStream does not offer bundles. This is a negative for someone who wants all the ad-free documentary and educational content that CuriosityStream offers, but also the option to watch movies or other series. 

Deals and promotions

Fan of YouTube? CuriosityStream also offers free access to Nebula–a streaming video platform– when you sign up for CuriosityStream through a qualifying YouTube promotion.

Free trial 

In the past, CuriosityStream offered a 7-day free trial. Currently, it is offering a 30-day free trial when you get CuriosityStream as an Amazon Prime Video channel. Got Prime? Check it out and start streaming today. 

Device compatibility

CuriosityStream works with a wide variety of streaming devices. 

  • Any laptop,PC, Mac or desktop via a modern web browser 
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick and Amazon Fire TV version 5.0 and up (2014 or later)
  • Amazon Kindle (2014 or later)
  • Roku 2, Roku 3, Roku 4, Roku TV, and Roku Streaming Stick version 8.1 and up
  • Google Chromecast via either the Chrome browser, Android or iOS devices
  • Chrome extension for easy access to the web app
  • Android device running version 4.1 and up
  • Android TV running Android version 5.0 and up
  • Apple iPhones, iPods, and iPads iOS 11 and up
  • Apple TV 3rd generation and earlier via Airplay
  • Apple TV 4th generation HD and 4K Apple TV
  • Xbox One
  • Available Smart TVs Market apps, LG, Samsung, Sony/Android TV, TiVo and VIZIO

This means you can watch CuriosityStream from pretty much anywhere, as it works with both streaming and mobile devices. Even better, CuriosityStream works worldwide, so you can take it with you while traveling!

As for the interface, it differs on each device, but generally speaking is pretty intuitive. It’s similar to other streaming services, with different categories to choose from, short descriptions of each documentary, etc.

Compare best devices to stream CuriosityStream.

CuriosityStream features

Watch 4K content for an enhanced viewing experience

For a bit more per month from its standard price of $2.99, you can watch ultra-HD streaming on your 4K TV with CuriosityStream.  

Access to numerous documentaries and originals

CuriosityStream is similar to Netflix with one glaring difference–it only hosts documentary features and series that cover a wide range of topics for everyone in the family. 

One flat price per month

Pay $2.99/month for regular HD streaming, or $9.99/month for ultra-HD streaming on your 4K TV and get access to CuriosityStream’s full library of content. 

No contracts

With CuriosityStream, there are no contracts to sign, and you can cancel your subscription at any time. 

Add-on options

CuriosityStream is available as an add-on option through Sling TV, Amazon Prime, Comcast/Xfinity and Layer3 TV.

Annual plan discounts

Sign-up for an annual plan and get up to 40% off. 

Offline viewing

As a streaming video-on-demand (SVOD) service, you can download content to view offline to keep up with everything you want to watch without burning through mobile data. 

Closed captions

Right now, nearly 85% of the entire CuriosityStream library has English closed captions (CC), available across all devices. 

What to watch on CuriosityStream

CuriosityStream’s focus is science, history, nature, technology, society, kids and lifestyle documentaries and original shows. The platform offers original shows also, which are available worldwide. 

To see if the service is a good fit for your family, you can browse the full library before signing up. 

Live TV channels 

CuriosityStream is not a live TV streaming service like AT&T TV Now or Hulu with Live TV. It is a Video-On-Demand (VOD) service like Netflix. That means you don’t have to record live TV, but instead watch all your favorite shows on-demand. 

Shows and movies 


CuriosityStream has discovered a relatively untouched niche and made the best of it with outstanding shows and movies not found elsewhere. Just a few examples of all the amazing titles available include Ancient Earth, Eat Well and Be Healthy, an original series called Curious Minds, Muck City and Digits.  Explore what to watch next on CuriosityStream and start streaming today. 


CuriosityStream doesn’t offer 2-hour movies like many streaming services. But, you will find a few titles that offer a full hour of viewing, like Frank Lloyd Wright: The Man Who Built America, The Perseus Survivor, How to Build a Castle, Pompeii: Disaster Street, and more. Explore more titles today on CuriosityStream

Original content 

Not available anywhere else, CuriosityStream has captured the market on original documentaries and exclusive content from some of the world’s best filmmakers. Titles cover a wide range of areas and topics, like Secrets of the Solar System, Prehistoric Worlds, American Icons, The Woodstock Bus, Breakthrough, and many more. 

So, if you and your family are curious or just want to learn something new, CuriosityStream has originals that can take you to another world or back in time. If you rather be entertained by something lighter, you may want to choose another service that also offers current movies and local TV viewing. 

Our hot take

CuriosityStream offers documentary and educational series, which may not appeal to everyone. However, if you’d like to learn something new, or take a deeper look into an interesting topic, CuriosityStream is absolutely worth it. The $2.99 HD plan is pretty great for most viewing unless you have a 4K TV and can tell the difference. 

But, if you’re looking for a more general service with the occasional documentary, you might be better off with Netflix. Go ahead, throw a streaming party tonight with CuriosityStream.

Kathryn Pomroy