DC Universe streaming service review

DC Universe highlights

DC Universe review

The DC Universe streaming service caters to a niche audience by offering exclusive access to DC content. Since its launch in September 2018, the service has seen over 33,000 paid subscriptions through the mobile app alone.

This comes as no surprise since it offers exclusive original series and movies as well as daily news programming not available anywhere else, which makes it highly appealing to ardent DC fans. It also features a robust collection of classic content such as Adventures of Superman, Constantine, Shazam! and The Flash. It gets bonus points for the curated library of digital comics easily accessible on your tablet or smartphone.

Compare DC Universe plans

Free trial length7 days7 days
Number of titlesN/AN/A
Number of simultaneous streamsN/AN/A
Cloud DVR storageNoNo
Offline viewingYesYes
Streaming qualityUp to 4K HDRUp to 4K HDR
Premium rewards and benefitsNoYes
Member discountsNo20% off/yr.

DC Universe add-ons

DC Universe currently doesn’t offer any add-on options and hasn’t expressed any intention to do so as of the writing this post. The yearly subscription does come with premium annual member benefits and rewards, although DC Universe doesn’t specify what those extra perks entail.

What to watch on DC Universe

With content being its main highlight, the DC Universe streaming service focuses on an eclectic mix of original and classic content. Fans can get access to a wide range of popular DC animated shows and live-action movies as well as exclusive originals.

In addition, the service puts an interesting twist on digital comics by letting you watch exclusive video content, after which you read the comic that inspired it. This certainly adds a whole different layer to your comic-reading experience.

Animated TV series

If Batman’s your favorite superhero, you’ll love the comprehensive collection of animated series about Gotham’s guardian such as Batman Beyond, Batman: The Animated Series in HD, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, The Batman and The New Adventures of Batman.

Besides these, you also get a bunch of other animated TV shows from DC, such as Aquaman, Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Justice League, Super Friends, Superman: The Animated Series and Teen Titans.

Classic TV series

For those who enjoy classic superhero shows, DC Universe doesn’t disappoint with a decent selection of series from the fifties through the nineties. This includes Adventures of Superman, a black and white adaptation starring George Reeves, the first depiction of Birds of Prey and the Hellblazer show, Constantine.

But the classic TV series line-up doesn’t stop there. You also get classic shows like Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, starring Dean Cain and Terri Hatcher. There’s also Shazam!, The Adventures of Superboy and The Flash, to name a few.

Daily news

The DC Universe online streaming service also comes with original and exclusive news programming called DC Daily. This features a rundown on the latest news along with a panel discussion. Fans can also tune into an in-depth feature on a certain topic through this programming.


From classics to contemporary releases, the DC Universe streaming service provides you with an extensive selection of movies in its library. The classic movie collection includes Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993), one of the best Batman movies ever made, Superman: The Movie (1978), starring “the” Christopher Reeve, The Spirit (1987) and Wonder Woman (1974).

You also get almost every contemporary DC movie – right from the 2018 anime, Batman Ninja to the 2019 animated movie, Wonder Woman: Bloodlines.

Original TV series

Perhaps what entices DC super fans most is the collection of original TV series exclusive to the service. Despite it still being a little barebones, this collection is compelling enough to draw fans. DC Universe provides access to shows like DC Universe: All-Star Games, Doom Patrol, Harley Quinn, Swamp Thing, Titans and Young Justice through the service.

In addition, fans can look forward to a few other upcoming original DC Universe streaming shows such as Stargirl and the anthology series, BizarroTV.

User experience

The DC Universe streaming service offers a smooth user experience across all devices, with the franchise’s “dark” theme being consistent throughout. It maintains a dark background on both the web and the app, which doesn’t put too much strain on the eyes and enhances your viewing experience.

On the DC Universe streaming app, viewers can easily access the video controls through the bottom menu bar. And although other sections of the service like the DC encyclopedia and the merchandise store don’t clutter the screen, they’re just a click away under the More section.

Note, however, that the streaming media player doesn’t come with an instant rewind button, so you’ll have to manually drag the indicator at the bottom of the player to re-watch certain scenes. This may be a little inconvenient, but it’s not a complete deal-breaker.

As for multi-device streaming, DC Universe doesn’t quite clarify the number of simultaneous streams it allows. The service notes that its development team is in the process of determining the ideal screen limit based on data and user feedback.

For parents of young kids, the limited parental controls might make you reconsider getting a DC Universe subscription. DC is known for violent and dark themes, so much of the service’s content is unsuitable for kids. That would be fine if the service came with robust parental controls, but it doesn’t.

Although it gives you the option to get an alert when someone uses your profile to watch videos above a certain age rating, it won’t block the content automatically. So you’ll have to be extra vigilant in case your kids try to access inappropriate content.

Device compatibility

Besides accessing the web version of DC Universe on your laptop or desktop, you can also get the streaming service on the following devices:

Although DC Universe streaming is unavailable on PS4 and Samsung TV, this ought to change soon since the service is developing more apps for other devices

DC Universe features you’ll love

With content being the biggest highlight of the DC Universe streaming service, it doesn’t offer a lot of premium add-on features. But that’s not to say that its existing features will leave you disappointed. It still checks off crucial boxes like offline viewing and 4K HDR streaming for select titles.

Enjoy impressive original shows

The service’s original TV shows give fans a reason to subscribe, although some titles like Titans aren’t exclusive to DC Universe. Viewers have access to news programming such as DC Daily and game shows like DC Universe All-Star Games. Some of the service’s most popular originals include Doom Patrol, showcasing a ragtag team of outcasts like Elasti-Woman and Negative Man, Harley Quinn, an animated comedy and Young Justice, featuring several iconic young superheroes.

Die-hard DC fans will also love the impressive collection of classic and contemporary DC content, especially the comprehensive selection of Batman movies and shows.

4K HDR streaming

There’s nothing like brilliant picture quality to enhance your streaming experience, and DC Universe provides you with just that. The service offers several titles in 4K so you can get an exceptional streaming experience on compatible devices. This includes shows like Doom Patrol, Titans and Young Justice as well as animated movies like Batman Ninja, Death of Superman, Fatal Five, Gotham by Gaslight and Reign of the Supermen.

Download videos for offline viewing

For those who often experience intermittent connectivity, features like offline viewing will be a top priority. The DC Universe streaming app lets you download up to 25 videos and save them to watch offline. Note that you can only download one video up to two times a year, so make sure you only save content that you plan to watch shortly.

Explore its rich comic book library

DC Universe stands out from other streaming services in that it offers an extensive collection of digital comics for ardent fans. With a curated list of 2,500 comics, the library gives you access to acclaimed reboots and well-loved classics so you can take a break from streaming video content.

In addition, the service provides fans with an unbeatable comic-reading experience. It lets you watch exclusive videos then follow up by reading the comic books that inspired them.

Enjoy members-only perks

A subscription to the DC Universe online streaming service also comes with a few additional members-only perks. This includes access to the exclusive merchandise shop, where you can get clothing and toys inspired by your favorite DC characters. Plus, being a member also qualifies you for contests to win event tickets and exclusive experiences not available to the public.

The takeaway

With its main highlights being a rich library of DC content and members-only perks, the DC Universe streaming service specifically caters to fans of the franchise. And although it comes with basics like offline viewing, the service’s parental control features could do with some improvement.

Since its line-up of exclusive content is still bare bones, casual fans might want to consider other streaming options. But for die-hard fans, $7.99/mo. is a small price to pay for access to this comprehensive collection of DC movies, shows and digital comics. The service offers a free seven-day trial, so you can give it a risk-free try. 

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