How to watch Disney+ on VIZIO

Whether you’re a diehard Disney fan or you want affordable access to all the movies from the Star Wars franchise, Disney+ may be the perfect streaming service for you. On top of this, the service works with a wide range of devices — from streaming media players and gaming consoles to mobiles and smart TVs. Now you can even watch Disney Plus on VIZIO if that’s the TV you prefer.

VIZIO is a brand of HDTVs (high-definition TVs) and soundbars. It offers a range of SmartCast TVs that let you “cast” or “fling” content from your smartphone or tablet to your TV display. This makes it different from regular smart TVs, which come with built-in apps and don’t always require casting. Although these VIZIO SmartCast TVs have a few native apps too, the selection is a bit limited. So you typically have to use the casting or AirPlay option to watch the content you want.

Fortunately for Disney+ subscribers, you can now get the Disney Plus VIZIO app natively on your SmartCast TV. That means you can watch Disney Plus on VIZIO smart TVs without the need to cast it or fling it from your mobile or tablet.

This post helps you figure out all the ways you can watch Disney Plus on VIZIO.

What is Disney+?

Disney’s own streaming service, Disney+, features a robust collection of classic shows, iconic titles and originals on-demand and commercial-free. It offers the most comprehensive lineup of Disney content along with titles from Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars. The service costs just $6.99/mo. and comes with impressive features such as 4K streaming and up to four simultaneous streams.

You even have the option to bundle the service with ESPN+ and Hulu for $12.99/mo. for an even more comprehensive streaming lineup. Learn more about the service and its offering in our Disney+ review.

Watch Disney+ on VIZIO

To watch Disney+ on VIZIO, you need a SmartCast-enabled VIZIO TV and a subscription to the service. At the time of writing this post, Disney Plus works with any of the VIZIO SmartCast TV models from 2016 onwards. And since these TVs come with Chromecast built-in, you also have the option to cast Disney+ from your phone or tablet to your VIZIO TV.

Even if you have an older VIZIO TV that isn’t SmartCast-enabled, the good news is you can still find a workaround to watch Disney+. But you’ll need an extra piece of hardware such as a Chromecast device. This lets you cast Disney+ content from your phone or tablet to your VIZIO TV.

How to subscribe to Disney+

You can either get the standalone Disney+ streaming service for $6.99/mo. or bundle it with ESPN+ and Hulu for $12.99/mo. At the time of writing this post, however, you can no longer try the service for free.

  • Step One: Go to the Disney+ website.
  • Step Two: Click on the “Get all Three” button if you want the Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu bundle. Select “Sign up for Disney+ only” if you just want a Disney+ subscription.
  • Step Three: Provide your email address and click on “Agree & Continue.”
  • Step Four: Set your password and “Continue.”
  • Step Five: Choose whether you want a monthly or an annual subscription. The annual subscription option will come up only for the standalone Disney+ subscription and costs $69.99/yr.
  • Step Six: Enter your payment details. You’ll have the option to either pay with a credit card or PayPal. Then click on “Agree & Subscribe.” This finishes the subscription process, and you can immediately start streaming Disney+ even from your web browser.

How to download Disney+ on your VIZIO Smart TV

With VIZIO now offering a native Disney+ VIZIO app, the process to download and install it to your VIZIO Smart TV is pretty straightforward. After signing up for your Disney+ subscription, follow the steps below to get the app on your VIZIO Smart TV:

  • Step One: Go to the SmartCast Home screen on your VIZIO TV. You can access this screen by pressing the “V” key at the center of your remote.
  • Step Two: You’ll be able to find all the currently available applications in a row under the “Apps” section. Scroll through the carousel to find Disney+ and select it to begin the installation.
  • Step Three: Open the installed Disney+ app on your VIZIO Smart TV and log in using your Disney+ credentials. This will let you start streaming Disney Plus on VIZIO.

Note that some older VIZIO SmartCast TVs may not have the Disney Plus app available for installation. If that’s the case, you’ll only have the option to cast or fling it from your phone or tablet to your VIZIO TV. And since SmartCast TVs have Chromecast built-in, you won’t need to get a separate device for this. Here’s how you can cast or fling Disney+ from your phone or tablet to your VIZIO TV:

  • Step One: Download the Disney+ app on your iOS or Android device.
  • Step Two: Log in using your Disney+ credentials.
  • Step Three: Make sure your VIZIO TV is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the device from which you’re casting Disney+ content.
  • Step Four: Start playing the video you want to cast or fling. Then select the “Cast” or “AirPlay” icon on the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Step Five: Select the VIZIO SmartCast TV on which you want to cast or fling the content, and this will start displaying the video on your TV screen.


How do I get Disney+ on an older smart TV?

Older smart TVs may not have the native Disney+ app available for installation. In this case, you can use a casting device or a streaming media player to cast or fling Disney+ content from your phone or tablet to your TV screen. You may have to check the specifics of which casting and streaming devices are compatible with your TV.

What’s the best smart TV to stream Disney+ on?

Any smart TV with 4K streaming capabilities would be a good option if you want to enjoy 4K content on Disney+. Consider smart TVs that support the Disney+ app, so you don’t have to go through the headache of casting and flinging content to your TV screen.

How do I log in to Disney+ on my smart TV?

Just open up the Disney+ app on your smart TV and enter your Disney+ credentials to log in and start streaming.

Our hot take

VIZIO Smart TVs don’t come prebuilt with a lot of apps, but the ability to install Disney+ is a big plus for diehard Disney fans. So this range of smart TVs would be perfect for anyone who doesn’t like having to use multiple pieces of hardware such as streaming media players. At the same time, streaming devices may be a much better choice if you like the freedom to install multiple apps not available with the SmartCast app lineup.

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