ESPN+ compatible devices

ESPN+ is a streaming service that supplements regular ESPN cable programming with original shows and select live games. As highlighted in our ESPN+ review, it particularly appeals to soccer fans and to people who follow niche sports such as cricket and rugby.

For UFC fans, ESPN+ is the only service that gives you access to UFC pay-per-view fights for an extra fee. That means you get exclusive access to watch your favorite fighters in action – whether you’re rooting for Khabib or McGregor.

And at just $5.99/mo., it makes sense as an additional channel to your regular cable or live TV subscription. But if you’re considering a subscription, you’ll want to hear all about what devices will work best with the service. This post gives you a detailed look at the compatible ESPN Plus devices and the ones that offer an outstanding experience.

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ESPN+ compatible devices

The good news is that ESPN+ works with a wide range of devices – from phones and tablets to gaming consoles and even virtual reality (VR) players. You just need to download the latest version of the ESPN app to a compatible device and start streaming from the ESPN+ tab. The app is compatible with the following devices:

At the time of writing this post, the list of compatible ESPN Plus devices doesn’t include LG’s WebOS and SmartCast from Vizio. But you can still access content from major streaming services like Hulu and Netflix using these devices. Vizio SmartCast even supports other streaming apps like Amazon Prime Video, CBS All Access and YouTube TV.

Which device should I use to stream ESPN+?

The best device to use with your ESPN+ subscription really depends on your preferences and needs. While streaming quality should be the top concern, you might also want to factor in price if you have a limited budget. In this case, you’d have to go for something that offers slightly poorer streaming quality but comes at a much lower price.

For some, device size may be another top concern, depending on how you want to stream. If you want to get an optimal streaming experience, you’d want a device that delivers excellent display on a big screen. But if you want to stream on-the-go, you might want something that’s light and portable instead.

ESPN+ option for: Amazon members

Amazon Fire TV Cube

As it seamlessly integrates with other Amazon services, Fire TV Cube could be the perfect streaming solution for Prime members with an ESPN+ subscription. The device will let you manage your subscriptions in one place so you can effortlessly switch from binging your favorite shows to watching the big game.

And with Alexa built-in, you can use voice commands to perform these tasks, making the experience even smoother. That means you just need to tell Alexa to “play the Braves game on ESPN+” from across the room to instantly switch to the programming you want to watch.

At $119.99, the Fire TV Cube is slightly on the pricier side, but it still costs less than high-end streaming players like the Apple TV 4K. And it comes with all the premium features such as support for 4K, Dolby Vision, HDR (High-Dynamic Range) and HDR10+.

ESPN+ option for: Streaming ESPN+ on the go

Apple iPad Pro (11-inch)

At $799, the Apple iPad Pro may be pricey, but it comes with some high-end features to enhance your streaming experience. It has an edge-to-edge Liquid Retina display that gives you an immersive experience even while streaming on a small screen.

And at just 11 inches, it’s small enough to carry around everywhere you go. This allows you to freely keep up with important games on ESPN+ on your way home from work or during lunch. The best part is that the screen has ultra low reflectivity, making it perfect for streaming in natural light outdoors.

On top of this, the True Tone feature will automatically adjust the color and brightness of the screen based on your surroundings. And ProMotion automatically adjusts the display based on the content movement. This gives you extra clarity while streaming action-packed shows and fast-paced games on ESPN+.

ESPN+ option for: Streaming ESPN+ on game days


To watch important games on ESPN+, you’ll want only the best ever streaming quality. But the service doesn’t yet offer 4K games at the time of writing this post, which might be a major drawback for diehard sports fans.

The NVIDIA SHIELD TV offers an excellent workaround for this with AI-enhanced upscaling. This feature uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically upscale your stream and take it from 720p or 1080p to 4K and increase the frames per second (fps) up to 30.

Combined with Dolby Atmos support, this media player could give you an immersive streaming experience that takes you into the action with your favorite teams and fighters. And you get all this for about $149.99, which may be slightly pricey but still holds up well against high-end options like the Apple TV 4K.

ESPN+ option for: Streaming ESPN+ on a budget

Roku Express

For those who want a low-cost way to stream ESPN+, the Roku Express is an excellent pick. At just $29.99, it’s one of the most affordable streaming media players on the market.

And it still packs a punch with solid features like High-Definition (HD) streaming. The Roku Express lets you watch ESPN+ content up to 1080p and will even upscale streams from 720p for a crisper, clearer display. This means you get to watch intense UFC fights and international soccer games in excellent quality.

It even lets you personalize your home screen to add the ESPN Plus Roku channel for easy access. This makes it super easy to quickly tune into ESPN+ and start watching a live game.

Our hot take

The best ESPN+ device for you depends largely on your personal preferences and streaming habits. If you want a low-cost streaming option, consider watching ESPN+ on Roku Express. But if you want to get the best streaming quality, you might want to invest in an NVIDIA SHIELD TV because it comes with AI-enhanced upscaling. ESPN+ doesn’t offer a free trial, but you can save a few extra bucks each month by signing up for the ESPN+, Disney+ and Hulu bundle, which costs just $12.99/mo.

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