Watch Fox Online without Cable (2020)

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fuboTV is a great option for sports fans, as its programming focuses on sports coverage (as well as the FOX live stream). It’s free to try out for 7 days.

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Hulu with Live TV is a great way to watch FOX online live, while keeping up with all your favorite teams, shows and news programs. Free 7 day trial.

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FOX is one of the most iconic TV networks of all time. From classics like The Simpsons to coverage of the most important sporting events of the year, FOX is not to be missed. Fortunately, it’s now possible to watch FOX without cable TV. In the guide below, we’ll help you ditch cable and find out how to watch FOX online!

Whether you’re in it for the live football, the classic TV shows, or new hits like Lucifer, the process of streaming FOX online is the same. With that said, there are several different methods to gain access to FOX programming. The best options for a FOX live stream are laid out below.


Get the FOX Live Stream and On-Demand Shows with Hulu Live

Over 60 channels for live streaming, plus a massive on-demand library


Hulu Live is a streaming service that lets you watch live TV without cable. 60+ channels are included, with FOX streaming available in most areas. Subscribers also get the impressive on-demand library of Hulu, which offers thousands of viewing options from TV shows to movies. Hulu Live costs only $44.99 per month, with no contract or commitment required.

The Most Local Network Coverage of Any Streaming Service

Hulu Live is a leader in the industry when it comes to local and regional networks like FOX, NBC, etc. These channels are only available in select areas, but Hulu has the most coverage by far. FOX streaming is included in the vast majority of markets in the US! So, there’s a very good chance you can use Hulu Live to watch FOX online – and you’ll be able to confirm channel availability in your area during the signup process.

Here’s what everyone should know about Hulu Live:

  • $45 per month, no contract or commitment
  • Cancel at any time
  • 60+ channels are included for live streaming
  • Local networks like FOX, CBS, NBC and ABC are offered in most areas
  • Key networks include FOX News, CNN, HGTV, FX, and many more
  • Premium channels like HBO and Showtime are also available at an additional cost
  • Hulu works on most devices – streaming players, smartphones, tablets, computers and more
  • Use the service on 2 devices simultaneously
  • Cloud DVR included (for recording live TV)
  • You can test the service out for FREE for a week

If you’re hoping to learn more about the service, read through our Hulu review, or click here to start your free 7-day trial!


Watch Live Sports on FOX with fuboTV

The largest selection of sports channels, plus entertainment, news and more

fuboTV is a service designed specifically with sports fans in mind. It offers 90+ channels in its base package, the majority of which are sports networks! fuboTV covers FOX streaming in over 100 markets, and coverage of other regional channels like NBC and CBS are also extensive. So with fuboTV, you can watch FOX online if you live in a covered area – and you can also enjoy tons of great sports, entertainment and movies on 90+ other channels!

Designed for Sports Fans

The majority of channels covered by fuboTV are sports channels. Networks like FS1, FS2, NBCSN, NBA TV, NFL Network and more are offered nationwide, while regional sports networks from NBC and FOX are offered in select areas. While it’s focused on sports, fuboTV does also have some useful general channels, like FX, FOX News, A&E, AMC and more.

Here’s what you should know about fuboTV:

  • Costs $55 a month
  • Ideal for sports fans
  • Focused on sports, but general entertainment and news channels also included
  • Regional sports networks let you follow your favorite local teams
  • 90+ channels included
  • Browse what’s on by channel, or by sport
  • Works on most devices, from Apple TV to mobile devices
  • Free DVR included with 30 hours of complimentary storage
  • You can try it out free for 7 days!

To learn more, check out our full fuboTV review.

If you’re ready to get started, click here to start your free 7 day trial!


Large Households Can Watch FOX Online with PlayStation Vue

The whole family can watch what they want with 5 simultaneous streams

playstation vue

PlayStation Vue is a streaming service that is particularly popular among families and larger households. This is because it lets you stream on up to 5 different devices at the same time, watching up to 5 different channels. So, each family member (or roommate) can watch exactly what they want, without bothering the other household members. Vue offers FOX live stream in many markets.

Live Streaming for the Whole Household

vue action shot

The big highlight of Vue is that it’s great for big households/families. Beyond that, the service offers a lot of value in its various plans.

Here are the key details of PlayStation Vue:

  • No contract or commitment
  • $50 a month for the base package of 45+ channels
  • You can stream on up to 5 devices at the same time (good for families)
  • Good mix of channels
  • Works on most devices
  • You can try PlayStation Vue free for 5 days

Check out our PlayStation Vue review to learn more, and check if you’re in an area where you can watch FOX online with Vue. If you’re ready to get started, you can start off with a free 5-day trial!


Watch FOX Without Cable with YouTube TV

A rapidly growing service with great local coverage

YouTube TV Review

YouTube TV is a new service launched by YouTube/Google. It offers 70+ channels for live streaming bundled together for $50 per month. No contract or commitment is required. YouTube TV lets you stream FOX online in over 90 markets, so there’s a good chance you live somewhere that FOX is included.

A New Platform with Lots to Offer

youtube tv menu

YouTube TV is fairly new, but it’s rapidly expanding and launching in new markets. From day one, YouTube TV has had a focus on getting rights to regional/local channels like FOX. So, generally speaking, if you live somewhere that the service is offered, YouTube TV is a good way to stream FOX online – and it offers a lot more than just that!

Here are the basics of YouTube TV:

  • $50 a month, with no hidden fees and no contract
  • Good selection of channels covering news, sports, entertainment and more (70+ channels)
  • Works on most devices capable of streaming video
  • The service is new and has some room for improvement
  • Try YouTube TV free for 7 days

For the full scoop, read through our YouTube TV review. You can also get started with a free 7-day trial.


Watch FOX Online and Much More with AT&T TV NOW

Formerly DIRECTV NOW, this rebranded service still offers value for some

AT&T TV NOW, formerly known as DIRECTV NOW, is a popular online live streaming service. The service has changed a lot in recent months, and is no longer as good of a value as it once was. Plans now start at $50 per month for 45+ channels, and ranges up to $135 per month for the largest package. There are no contracts or hidden fees. FOX streaming is available in many areas – you can confirm the networks available in your area during the signup process.

Big Selection, No Commitment

directv now

AT&T TV NOW offers a fairly cable-like experience, with a huge selection and a slick user interface. Unlike cable, though, there’s no contract or commitment to join, so you can cancel at any time. Unfortunately, nowadays the pricing is similar to cable, as well.

Here are the basics of AT&T TV NOW:

  • Requires no satellite or cable
  • Works over the internet, and you use it on all your favorite devices
  • Works on Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, computers, iOS/Android devices, and more
  • Selection of 45-125+ channels, depending on your plan
  • Watch FOX online and other regional networks, in select markets
  • Currently offers the FOX stream in over 100 markets
  • You can stream on 2 devices at the same time
  • No contract required
  • Prices from $50 to $135 a month, depending on package selected
  • Try AT&T TV NOW free for 7 days

Our AT&T TV NOW review has the info you need to know. Or, you can test things out for yourself with AT&T TV NOW’s free 7-day trial!


Watch FOX Shows Online Cheap with Sling TV

Ultra-affordable option, but FOX coverage is very limited

Sling TV Review

Sling TV is an affordable and popular streaming service that was one of the first of its kind. It works on all your favorite devices, letting you watch your favorite shows, sports and news from wherever you go. It starts at just $25 a month – but the downside is that FOX streaming coverage is very limited. Currently, Sling TV offers the FOX live stream in only 17 markets around the US, compared to a service like Hulu Live which has 170+.

A Budget-Friendly Streaming Service

The big selling point of Sling TV is cost: it’s only $25 a month for a basic package, which is the lowest of any major streaming service. And it does offer many opportunities to expand channel selection by using add-on packages. The downside, of course, is that regional channels like NBC and FOX are quite limited in where they are available.

Here are the basics of Sling TV:

  • Starts at just $25 per month (no contract/commitment)
  • Expand your selection with add-on packages
  • The ability to watch FOX online is restricted to only 17 markets
  • The service also offers an online, on-demand library
  • On-demand content from FOX may be available in more areas
  • There’s a free 7-day trial available

Want to learn more? This Sling TV review has a lot more info on the service.

Want to get started? Click here to try Sling TV free for 7 days!


Watch FOX Free with an Antenna (in Some Areas)

If you live somewhere where you can pick up the broadcast from your local FOX affiliate, you may actually be able to stream FOX free using a digital antenna.

You’ll need a good digital antenna – find suggestions on what you’ll need at

Here are some recommended antennas if you decide to buy one:


What Shows and Events Air on FOX?

FOX is home to some truly iconic programming. You can see the full lineup here. Some highlights of FOX programming include:

Do you have questions about how to watch FOX online? Drop a comment and we’ll be happy to help!

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