fuboTV in 4K: Does fuboTV have 4K content?

Initially starting out as a service to stream soccer, fuboTV has gradually expanded its offering to become a leading competitor in the streaming industry. Although its main focus is still on sports, it now offers entertainment and news channels as well, providing an excellent cable alternative for cord-cutters.

On top of this, the service even provides select live and on-demand programming in 4K. But you’ll need a compatible device to stream this content in 4K. This post gives you a detailed look at the fuboTV 4K content offering and which devices you need to stream them.

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What is 4K programming?

Content in 4K streams in a higher resolution than HD (High Definition). Sometimes called Ultra HD or UHD, 4K offers even better clarity using a higher amount of pixels (8,294,400). With these extra pixels, 4K programming lets you see more details than standard HD and allows room for nuanced colors.

Keep in mind that the 4K you see on your TV won’t be the same as the 4K resolution that your local multiplex offers. Cinema-standard 4K resolution is 4096 x 2160, so it offers an extremely vivid picture on a much larger screen. In the case of consumer TVs, 4K resolution is 3840 x 2160, whereas full HD is 1920 x 1080.

So although they can’t offer a cinema-standard picture, 4K TV screens have about four times the number of pixels than a regular 1080p display. And they still offer some of the best picture quality possible when it comes to consumer-standard display.

Does fuboTV support 4K resolution?

Combined with a compatible device, fuboTV supports 4K resolution for select live games and on-demand programming. In case you try to watch a 4K event with a non-compatible device, fuboTV will display a screen asking you to choose a non-4K channel.

To watch the fuboTV 4K content, you also need the latest version of the app. Some events might also require a display that supports HDR10.

Keep in mind, however, that the fuboTV 4K offering is currently still in BETA. So user experience may vary, especially depending on the device you use. And the 4K lineup is still a bit lacking compared to that of other services that offer 4K streaming.

Which devices support 4K streaming on fuboTV?

fuboTV lets you access its 4K content through a wide range of devices, including computers and mobile phones with 4K or HDR10 display. But for some devices, you can only access the content, but you won’t get to watch it in 4K quality. For now, you can stream fuboTV 4K content using the following devices:

Keep in mind that at the time of writing this post, fuboTV doesn’t yet offer the option to stream 4K content in 4K quality using your Android device. Additionally, Amazon Fire TV and Android devices don’t support 4K on-demand playback. If you try to access 4K video-on-demand using any of these devices, it’ll stream in 1080p.

What content on fuboTV supports 4K streaming?

fuboTV offers 4K streaming for both live events and on-demand programming. But as mentioned in our fuboTV review, its 4K streaming offering isn’t too robust, especially compared to other services that offer 4K content. While it offers live 4K coverage for sports programming, its lineup of 4K on-demand videos has a bit more variety.

It regularly provides an updated list of all the live events available in 4K. However, the page hasn’t seen any updates since many live sporting events have been on hold for months. But it has offered live 4K coverage for past events such as the 2019 Super Bowl and the NCAA basketball tournament.

When possible, fuboTV also offers live 4K coverage of select events for major and lesser-known leagues alike, including the National Football League, NASCAR and Major League Baseball. 

To access a live 4K feed, just look for “4K” on the channel logo as you browse through the Guide or the Sports programming lineup.

The on-demand library of fuboTV 4K content goes through constant change, especially with the service adding more titles to expand its offering. Its main focus has been on nature-related titles, having streamed shows like BBC America’s Seven Worlds and Sir David Attenborough’s One Planet when it initially launched the 4K on-demand library.

Titles like Aerial America, China from Above and The Wild Andes have also been part of the fuboTV 4K on-demand lineup. The service plans to introduce more entertainment content in 4K in the coming months, so you should keep checking for updates.

What’s the recommended internet speed for 4K streaming on fuboTV?

It’s not enough that you have a device that supports 4K HDR streaming; your internet speed should be equally compatible. Your bandwidth determines how quickly the content downloads and transmits to your screen. So it requires more speed to stream higher resolution content such as 4K.

While you can get away with 10-15 Mbps to stream full HD content, 4K streaming would require at least 25 Mbps. And that’s exactly what fuboTV recommends for streaming its 4K live events and on-demand programming.

On top of this, you’ll need faster speeds in case you plan on streaming from multiple devices at a time. For instance, if you plan on using the fuboTV Family Share feature, which supports up to three simultaneous streams, you might need around 50 Mbps.

Our hot take

The fuboTV 4K offering may not be as expansive as that of leading services, especially when it comes to entertainment content. However, it’s everything that sports fans have been looking for since it offers live 4K coverage of several events. Although the 4K programming is still in development, the service will eventually make improvements for a more robust 4K offering. So if you already have a device that’s compatible with fuboTV 4K streaming, make sure you sign up for the free trial to check out the 4K content experience.

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