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With a robust offering of live sports and on-demand entertainment programming, fuboTV provides cord-cutters with an excellent cable alternative. Although you could get the Standard plan for $54.99/mo. at the time of our fuboTV review, prices have since increased by $5/mo. So now the Standard plan costs $59.99/mo., and the popular Family package will set you back $64.99/mo.

Besides these two, fuboTV also has two additional plans – the Ultra for $84.99/mo. and fubo Latino for $29.99/mo. You can also get a few fuboTV deals and bundle offers to save some money on your monthly entertainment and streaming budget.

In this post, we give you a detailed breakdown of all the fuboTV deals and bundles that you might want to consider before subscribing to the service.

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fuboTV free trial

The fuboTV free trial is a bit different from that of other streaming services, although it doesn’t vary too much in terms of length. You can enjoy your fuboTV free account for seven days, which is the standard window that most live TV streaming services provide. But the biggest difference is that you can’t get a free trial for all fuboTV plans.

fuboTV offers a free trial for most of its plans, including the Family, fubo Latino and Standard packages. You can even enjoy a free trial of its Family + SHOWTIME bundle offer. But you won’t have the option to get a fuboTV free trial on the most premium package – the Ultra.

So if you haven’t given the service a try, you might want to avoid opting for this plan directly. Instead, consider signing up for a free trial through any of the other packages first and get a feel of what the service offers before committing to it. If you still like the extra perks and features that come with the Ultra plan, you can choose to upgrade to it later on.

During your fuboTV free trial, make sure you try out the features and channels that you’re most likely to use frequently in the future. So, for instance, if you regularly want to stream from multiple devices at a time, don’t forget to test the simultaneous streaming feature. And if you plan on streaming 4K programming, make sure you check out its live 4K events and on-demand titles as well.

For those who regularly miss important live sports programming due to a hectic schedule, it makes sense to test the cloud DVR recording feature as well. Even if there aren’t any games you want to watch during the free trial period, try recording any of the live events available to test the feature. See how smoothly the recordings play and how easy it is to access the saved content.

fuboTV will also send you a reminder one day before the end of the free trial. So you have enough time to cancel in case you don’t wish to continue with the subscription.

fuboTV bundles

fuboTV currently offers only one bundle that can help you save a few dollars each year with the Family plan.

  • Family Plan with SHOWTIME

Family Plan with SHOWTIME

  • Costs $74.99/mo. 
  • Lets you add SHOWTIME to the Family plan for a small discount.
  • Includes a total of 76 channels – 67 from the Family plan and nine from SHOWTIME.
  • Includes a good mix of live sports programming and entertainment content. And you can stream binge-worthy SHOWTIME shows like Billions and Shameless as easily as you can watch Thursday Night Football on NFL Network.
  • Top channels under this plan include AMC, BBC America, CBS Sports Network, ESPN, NBCSN and Universal Kids. You even get live and original sports stories through fubo Sports Network.
  • On its own, the Family plan costs $64.99/mo. while you can get SHOWTIME as a separate add-on for $10.99/mo. So although you only save about $1 each month, this adds up to almost $12 in cost-saving annually.
  • Even if you’re not too sure about whether this bundle works for you, you can always give it a try before you make a decision. Get a fuboTV free trial and choose this bundle during signup to see if it makes sense for you.

Other fuboTV deals and discounts

You don’t get a lot of fuboTV deals and offers, although the service provides occasional discounts. Right now, it offers only one deal and that’s with the Family Plan and SHOWTIME bundle that we discussed above.

$5 off for the first three months of Family Plan with SHOWTIME

  • Costs $69.99/mo. during the first three months of subscription.
  • The bundle normally costs $74.99/mo., so you get $5 off on your first three months with this offer. This translates to a total of $15 in cost-saving.
  • Add this to the initial cost-saving that you can get with the regular bundle price, and you’ll end up saving close to $25 for the first year. That’s enough for about a couple of months’ subscription to another streaming service such as CBS All Access or Hulu.
  • So don’t miss out on this deal if you want to save a bit of money and sign up for the fuboTV free trial now.

Our hot take

While fuboTV offers some decent plans, the Family Plan with SHOWTIME bundle makes the most sense if you want a more robust entertainment lineup. Not to mention the extra cost saving you get with this bundle since it comes with a discount of $5/mo. for the first three months. So you might want to consider this option if you’re looking for an affordable cable alternative that offers a decent mix of both live sports and entertainment programming.

With that said, the service has some limitations in terms of kids’ programming. And for families with kids, it might be wise to look for another option that offers a better lineup of family-friendly channels. If you want to make the most of the current fuboTV deals and bundle offers, make sure you sign up for a free trial today.

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Enjoy the largest selection of live sports content! Get 100+ channels with up to 500 hours of online cloud DVR storage and the option to stream on multiple devices simultaneously.

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