IMDb TV review

IMDb TV highlights

IMDb TV review

In addition to being one of the most substantial encyclopedic resources for near-enough every movie and TV show, the Internet Move Database (IMDb) also offers a video streaming service. The Amazon-owned site launched a free streaming platform called IMDb Freedive in January 2019, which subsequently rebranded to IMDb TV in June 2019.

IMDb started out as a fan-operated website and has been a subsidiary of Amazon since 1998. It provides detailed information about more than 6.5 million movies and shows, from cast and production details to fan reviews and ratings. It also enables users to watch trailers and stream full videos for free, as well as making it easier to find content on Amazon Prime Video.

Is IMDb TV free?

Yes. Here’s a quick guide to the various features this service has to offer. 

Average time of ads30 seconds
Movie titlesOver 4.7 million
TV titlesOver 600,000
Live TV streamingNo
Parental guideYes; controls vary by device

Why IMDb TV may be the right streaming service for you

IMDb TV is a great supplementary resource for Amazon customers. The service is accessible through an existing Amazon account and has its own section in the Prime Video app, which makes it ideal for gaining all the insight users need about their favorite content. It also enables viewers to leave reviews and contribute ratings for titles they’ve watched.

However, the IMDb TV service has its own identity and feels like a standalone streaming service that’s quietly becoming one of the best free, ad-supported offerings available. It has a strong library of content available to watch for free, with a particular focus on animated and family movies. It’s ideal for people to try out as a supplement to their core video streaming platform.

User experience

IMDb TV displays content in standard scrollable rows of content organized into curated categories, which makes it easy to find movies and shows to watch. It also provides a search bar that enables users to look for their favorite content across the site. 

The web app uses a sleek, dark background interface that’s free of advertising. Movies and TV shows are presented in tiles that users can hover over to see information such as user rating, date of release, categorization and a brief synopsis. 

IMDb TV tends to provide a more user-friendly, less pervasive ad experience than other free streaming services. However, it’s worth remembering that ads will often precede content and additional commercials regularly pop up mid-stream.

Device compatibility

IMDb is available for free via the following devices:

  • Amazon Fire TV devices
  • Android mobile and tablet devices
  • Android TV
  • iOS mobile and tablet devices
  • Echo devices
  • Web player on Mac and Windows

IMDb TV features you’ll love

We took a look at the key features of the IMDb TV video streaming service and what potential viewers can expect from the experience of using it.


The IMDb TV service’s Watchlist is a useful resource that allows users to keep on track of their favorite content and upcoming movies. 

Watch on-the-go

IMDb TV’s mobile app enables users to download content to their device and consume their favorite shows on the go.

User insight

Viewers can easily see the rating attributed to the content by the service’s users. They can explore all the information they want to know about a movie, find out more about cast members and learn what other people think of it.

High-quality streaming

IMDb TV’s high-quality video playback distinguishes it from other free streaming services. It offers three different levels of video quality, starting with Good, which uses 0.38 GB of data per hour, then Better, which requires about 1.4 GB per hour and up to Best, with its substantially higher streaming rate of 6.84 GB per hour.

Contributing to IMDb

The IMDb service is built around user reviews and part of that is viewers themselves contributing their thoughts and reviews of movies and shows they’ve watched. 

What to watch on IMDb TV

User ratings make it easy to find the most popular movies available on IMDb TV. These include cult hits like Apocalypse Now, Donnie Darko and The Boondock Saints, as well as Leonardo Di Caprio and Tom Hanks in Catch Me If You Can and Brad Pitt starring in Fury and Snatch.

People looking for a cozy night in with that special someone are covered with IMDb TV’s Date Night Picks movie category. This includes Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling starring in La La Land and Colin Firth in Sydney White, which claims to be a modern retelling of Snow White.

IMDb TV is host to plenty of insightful documentaries, such as The September Issue, which chronicles the exploits of Vogue editor Anna Wintour, The U.S. vs John Lennon and Zeitgeist: The Movie. It also includes biopics Dahmer, profiling serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, Diana, which focuses on the last two years of the life of Princess Diana and Manny, which profiles boxer Manny Pacquiao.

Viewers can also stream plenty of good TV shows on IMDb TV, including classic series like Dallas, Heroes and The A-Team as well as a young Johnny Depp in 21 Jump Street and Kevin Bacon starring in the intriguing The Following. That’s in addition to family entertainment like animal adventures in Cool Dog and Max as well as favorites like Hey Arnold! The Movie, Jack and the Beanstalk and Robin Williams starring in R.V.: Runaway Vacation.

Furthermore, IMDb TV also provides its own original content, such as animated series Corner Gas and You’re Not A Monster. It also has shows exploring movie trivia such as Casting Calls, which offers four seasons about actors who were almost cast for popular movies and shows. Viewers can also watch a wide range of trailers, interviews with cast members and more.

The takeaway

As far as free video streaming services go you’d be hard-pushed to find a better option than IMDb TV, and, with the backing of Amazon, it’s only likely to improve. A solid library of movies and TV shows is backed by a high-quality video streaming experience that other free services can’t compete with. IMDb TV may not have the depth or the standout content required to be most people’s single video streaming resource, but it’s certainly a worthy supplementary offering for those that already subscribe to a paid service.

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